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The Japanese occupied some of the Aleution Islands, which are part of the current state of Alaska. The only Alaskan highway that leads from Canada to Alaska and through Alaska to the top was built by the US Army specifically to fight the Japanese in WW2. This highway still exists for tourists to drive thru Alaska on.


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Yes. On June 3, 1942, the Japanese bombed the military base at Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

WW2, Japan vs US; Aleution Islands.

The Alaskans were major players in the Aleutian Island Campaign of WW2 as well as the subsequent Cold War.

what was the coldest teperature ever recorded in Ketchikan, Alaska

Germany never occupied Alaska.

No during the Civil War Alaska was a Russian Colony.

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No, there were no battles fought in Alaska during the US Civil War.

yes Jack London did go to Alaska. He went to Alaska because of the klondike.

Nothing could ever be grown in Alaska.

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No. There was no war that in any way influenced the purchase of the territory that became Alaska.

If you are referring to Kodiak, then yes, it was the capital of Russian Alaska (before Alaska was bought by the United States).

Alaska was attached to russia by a solid ocean but then it unfrozen by the weather

Alaska was a US Territory long before the Spanish American War.

Alaska did not contribute to the onset of the American Civil War. The United states purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867, after the war ended.

Alaska Young is a character from John Green's book, Looking for Alaska. John Green is my absolute FAVORITE author ever. ♥

it was first with russia (ussr) but then it sold alaska after the cold war to USA .

The highest outdoor temperature ever recorded in Alaska was 100° F (38° C) in Fort Yukon on 27 June 1915. In a list of U.S. states sorted by the highest temperature ever recorded in each, Alaska is tied for last place with Hawaii.

They both were. Alaska was purchased from Russia which was ruled by the czars, and Hawaii was a monarchy.

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It will eventually if US bids for it.

Alaska could never amount to anything. Nothing could ever be grown in Alaska and we already had plenty of trees.

Alaska is very remote, the lowest ever documented is -81 degrees below zero. But think we have only had documents of temperature for Alaska for about 30-60years.

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