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Q: Was there more Irish men or Mexican working on the transcontinental railroad?
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Irish workers and the transcontinental railroad?

What happened during to the Irish workers during the transcontinental railroad construction

What three groups were the workersvon the transcontinental railroad?

The Irish, Chinese, and African Americans comprised the workforce on the Transcontinental Railroad.

Why did the Irish help build the Transcontinental Railroad?

to eahr money.

Which immigrant groups worked on the Transcontinental Railroad?

The Chinese, and the Irish

How much were Irish Transcontinental railroad workers paid?

About $30

How was it like to be an Irish worker of the transcontinental railroad?

It was hard but good

How many Irish people died building the transcontinental railroad?

about 10,000 Irish men died during the making of the transcontinental railroad. Some Irish people died because of the squads were dynamite squads and sometimes blew up.

The transcontinental railroad system was built by the labor force of?

Chinese and Irish

What 2 ethnic groups were apart of the transcontinental railroad?

Chinese and Irish

What were the 2 companies that built the transcontinental railroad?

the irish and chinese immagrants

Which two groups of people built the transcontinental railroad?

African-American called themselves Exodusters they built them along with song Mexican (back in the day called Mexican-Americans), Chinese and Irish folks

Which groups provided most of the labor for the construction of the transcontinental railroad?

The Irish & the Chinese.

Who built the transcontinental railroad?

The Union Pacific Railroad and The Central Pacific Railroad Companies were formed to build the railroad. Many of the CPR workers working east from California were Chinese-Americans and many of the UPR workers building west from Nebraska were Irish immigrants.

What two groups of immigrants worked on the transcontinental rail road?

It was mainly the Irish and the Chinese that worked on the Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinese worked with the Union Pacific, & the Irish with the Central Pacific.

Which railroad did Irish workers work for during the transcontinental railroad?

They worked for the Union Pacific. Chinese worked for Central Pacific.

Name two ethnic groups that worked on the transcontinental railroad?

Irish and Chinese immigrants.

What ethnic groups was instumental in the building of the transcontinental railroad?

Chinese Irish and Afican Americans

What group constituted the majority of workers responsible for building the transcontinental railroad?

Chinese and Irish Immigrants

What groups consitituted the majority of workers responsible for building the transcontinental railroad?

Chinese and Irish immigrants

Which group of laborers did most of the work on the transcontinental railroad?


Why was the construction of the transcontinental railroad succedssful?

The use of Irish immigrants as workers, the use of veterans of the civil war.

What did Irish people do while working on the railroad?


Who worked on the transcontinental railroad?

The Chinese, Irish, and the Americans worked on the Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinese had 11,000 workers and they are greatly cheered today because without them, the railroad would not have been completed that fast. I'd say how slow it still takes us Americans to build schools and new roads that we might still be working on the First Transcontinental Railroad today!! The Chinese were paid 28 dollars a month and worked from before sunrise to way after sundown. When the Chinese have a job to do they stick to it!!! - KK

What role did the Irish and Chinese immigrants play in the settlement of the West?

Irish and Chinese immigrants provided a large portion of the workforce to build the Transcontinental Railroad.

How mainstream society first treated the Irish Americans?

Most Irish and Chinese immigrants were recriuted to come over to American and work on building the transcontinental railroad. Working conditions were so terrible, many people died while on the job.