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Was there racism in 1930?

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Yes. As long as different races have had contact with each other, there has been racism. It even exists today, though much less and much quieter. It reached its violent peak in the 1960s, and then started to calm down in the 70s.

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How did racism effect the 1930's?

Racism was bad.

How did racism effect america in 1930?

Racism is a conspiracy to ignite wars against races.

Was racism a problem in Chicago during 1930's?

yes. =]

What happened after slavery was abolished Did racism stop?

Racism was abolished partially in the 1930's when the slavery famine began to die down but there is still lots of racism going on today!

How did ethnic groups feel about racism in the 1900-1930?

Generally speaking, ethnic groups that were targets of racism were opposed to it and ethnic groups that were acting in racist ways against other groups felt their bigotry to be reasonable and rational.

Were any specific groups targetted for racism in the 1930s?

The racism in the 1930's in Germany were targeted mainly at the Jews, but also at nigers, gypos, and gays

Was there a lot of racism in the 1930's?

In the 1930s racism was at one of its highest points. Black people were treated very poorly by white people because they believed that they were beneath them.

The jury system in the 1930's?

the Jury system in the 1930 was a lot like it is today, yet they still had the problem of racism and prejudice against the blacks at that time.

What was every day life like in Alabama in 1930?

Everyday life in Alabama in 1930 was not any better for the African-American people. Racism was so strong and they were severely mistreated.

How is racism different today than in 1930?

Segregation has been corraled. There no longer segregated bus sections, bathrooms, water fountains, restaurant sections etc. There is still racism - by all nationalities.

What are the different types of racism?

Historical racismScientific racismInstitutional racismNew Racism

What is the relationship between institutional racism and interpersonal racism?

institutional racism causes interpersonal racism.

How racism effected people in the 1930's?

Throughout the 1930's African American and Hispanic people did not work in the same areas as the people of "white America". Schools remained segregated at this time, and drinking fountains and restrooms were still labeled.

What is a famous quote of Bobby Seale?

"You dont fight racism with racism; the best way to fight racism is with solidarity." "You dont fight racism with racism; the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."

What was life like in Mississippi in 1930?

Life in Mississippi was filled with poverty and racism. Black were often beaten and lynched and people were still trying to recover from the Great depression.

What was the great migratoin?

4.1 million African Americans moved from the South U.S. to the North, Midwest, and West U.S. from 1910 to 1930. They were escaping racism and were looking for employment.

Is racism a power?

No, racism is a right

Is there another kind of racism?

PrejudiceRacial discriminationInstitutional racismEconomical racism

What is new racism?

New racism is all the different types of racism manly the new stuff that can be really hurtful and that's what new racism is

Facts about racism in the 1930's?

Life for African Americans in the 1930s became even harder as the country suffered through the Great Depression. They were first to lose their jobs and racism increased with the many Jim Crow laws that only served to highlight the so-called inferiority of Blacks.

What is anti racism?

Being against racism.

What countries have racism?

Every country has racism.

When did racism occur?

Racism has occurred forever.

What is the past tense of racism?

still racism.

When was racism ended?

Racism never ends

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