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yes there was a Trojan Horse.

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Q: Was there really a Trojan horse?
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What can Trojan horses do?

its a really sexy horse !

Which city was the Trojan Horse in?

The Trojan horse was pulled into Troy, hence 'Trojan'.

What are the types of Trojan horse virus?

There aren't types of Trojan Horse virus. A Trojan Horse is a type of virus.

What was the Trojan horse made out of?

The Trojan horse was made out of wood.

What was the name of the horse that was used in the Trojan war?

The Trojan Horse

What city was named after the Trojan horse?

No city was named after the Trojan horse.

Why was the Trojan Horse useful?

The Trojan Horse was a very successful distraction to allow the Greeks to infiltrate the town of Troy. The Trojan Horse was used during the Trojan war.

Did the Trojan horse really happen?

The Trojan horse story is told to be a myth. This means that it is a made up story, possibly loosely based on some facts from long ago.

The Iliad is about what?

The Trojan War and the Trojan Horse

Was the Trojan horse built in the 1600?

The "Trojan Horse" was built in 1600 AD

How many Greek soldiers were there in the Trojan horse?

there was 384 people in the trojan horse

Did Athena make up the Trojan horse?

No, the Trojan Horse was Odysseus's idea.

What is the ISBN of Creationism's Trojan Horse?

The ISBN of Creationism's Trojan Horse is 0195157427.

How long was the real Trojan horse?

Measurements for the Trojan Horse were never given.

How do you make a Trojan virus through java?

'you need a Trojan horse to create a Trojan virus' LOL , Trojan Horse itself is a Virus !

What Trojan does?

a trojan is a horse or computer virus that looks like a good thing but is not. a trojan is just and old horse.

What is the most common computer virus?

Trojan horse Probably a Trojan Horse or a Worm

What is the lesson learned in the Greek myth The Trojan horse?

lesson learn from the trojan horse

How many pages does Creationism's Trojan Horse have?

Creationism's Trojan Horse has 416 pages.

What war was the Trojan Horse part of?

The Trojan War

Was there ever a Trojan horse in the Trojan war?

yes there was.

What is the famous symbol of the Trojan war?

Trojan Horse

What war was the Trojan horse built?

The Trojan War.

What is the basic architecture of Trojan horse?

A horse

What is a generic8 Trojan horse?

Generic8 Trojan horse is a virus that computers can get. Trojan horses are malicious programs and can be removed with antivirus software.

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