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from the starting of wwe the undertaker has been heavyweight champion.

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Who is the champ?

the ecw title belongs to kane the world heavyweight champ belongs to undertaker wwe champion is randy orton

Was Booker t ever tna heavyweight champ?

No! he was the legends champ/global champ and tag team champ and that was it!

Who is the worldheavy weight champ in the WWE?

As of January 15, 2010, The Undertaker is the World Heavyweight Champion.

What happened in the storyline that put Vickie Guerrero in a wheelchair?

undertaker tombstoned vickie when edge was the heavyweight champ.

When did Heavyweight Champ happen?

Heavyweight Champ happened in 1976.

When was Heavyweight Champ created?

Heavyweight Champ was created in 1976.

How many times has undertaker been WWE champ?

4 times. He has won the World's Heavyweight Title 3 times as well.

Was john cena ever intercontinental champion?

No he was not but he was us champ and heavyweight champion but not intercontinetal

Who is the heavyweight boxing champ of the world?

The heavyweight boxing champ of the world at present is Bermane Stiverne .

Is Batista The Best Heavyweight Champ Ever?

yes because he defeated john cena,undertaker and triple h yeah he totally is once you beat the best you r the best!!!!!! And batista beat the best in the buissness today. Like john cena,triple h,undertaker,shawn micheals, and edge.

How many times did The Undertaker win the World Heavyweight Championship?

The undertaker won the world heavyweight championship 5 or 6 times.

Will Jeff Hardy ever become champ?

Jeff has already won numerous championships. In fact, he held 19 titles in the WWE. They are: a. 1 time WWE champion b. 2 time World Heavyweight Champion c. 3 time Hardcore champ d. 4 time Intercontinental champ e. 1 time European champ f. 1 time light heavyweight champ g. 6 time WWE Tag team champ h. 1 time WCW Tag team champ Apart from this, he is also a 2 time TNA World heavyweight champ

Who was the 1911 heavyweight champ?


How heavy is the heavy weight champ?

The Heavyweight Champ for boxing typically weighs 210-250 lbs, though any weight over 200 is considered to be heavyweight.

Did the undertaker retire after WrestleMania 25?

no he made a comeback at summerslam 2009 just after the T.L.C match between Jeff hardy vs CM punk he is now the world heavyweight champ

Will undertaker lose the world heavyweight championship?

As of TLC 2011, not only is undertaker not the world heavyweight champion, he is still not back from injury reserve after beating HHH at Wrestlemania 28

Why Kane is not champ?

As of October 2010,he is WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Did Undertaker win at Backlash 2008?

Yes Undertaker won at Backlash and is still World Heavyweight Champion

How many belts has undertaker had?

all of them exccept for ECW champ

Who deafeated George Foreman for the heavyweight boxing title in 1995?

No One he retired and is still the oldest world heavyweight boxing champ

Who is the 1910 heavyweight champ?

Jack Johnson was world champ from December 26th, 1908 up until April 15th, 1915.

When will the undertaker be back in 2011?

The undertaker will be back in 2011 on march 3 thrd and he will be agenced the world heavyweight champion!

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