Was war Sherlock Holmes beruf?

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Sherlock Holmes hat von 1881 an eine private Dedektei geführt.
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What date did Sherlock Holmes die?

To answer your question, the date generally accepted by scholars as the date that Holmes supposedly plunged into the Reichenbach Falls is: Monday, 4th May 1891. His death of old age or some other cause later in his life is not recorded. ------ Sherlock Holmes was not a real person but a chara ( Full Answer )

What did Sherlock Holmes wear?

Sherlock Holmes usually wore a collared shirt, a hat that looked some what like a top hat. Deerstalker hat, small top hat, or bowler hat, a hand woven tie, frock coat, trousers, Wellington dress shoes or boots, and, being the gentleman that he was, often seen with a cane or walking stick. The usual ( Full Answer )

Where was Sherlock Holmes from?

In 'The Musgrave Ritual,' Holmes says, "When I first came up toLondon I had rooms in Montague Street," and in 'The Adventure ofthe Greek Interpreter,' Holmes said, "My ancestors were countrysquires." It seems, from these statements, very likely that Holmescame from one of the provinces of England ou ( Full Answer )

Who was Sherlock Holmes?

A fictional character created by the famous writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective/sleuth who solves cases simply with the power of observation and deduction. The reason people are drawn to this particular character is probably because he was the unlikely detective, ( Full Answer )

Was Sherlock Holmes married?

Sherlock Holmes didn't take a fancy to women though he was engaged to Charles Augustus Milverton's maid, and, then, only to aid in solving the case. He criticizes women's intellect until he has an encounter with Irene Adler -- the only woman to beat Holmes -- whom he referred to as " The Woman". He ( Full Answer )

Who played Sherlock Holmes?

People who have played Sherlock Holmes are: Arthur Wontner The Sleeping Cardinal (1931 film) The Missing Rembrandt (1932 film) The Sign of Four (1932 film) The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935 film) Silver Blaze (1937 film) Reginald Owen A Study in Scarlet (1933 film) Basil Rathbo ( Full Answer )

Sherlock Holmes hobby?

Sherlock loved to solve interesting cases, to make chemistry experiments and to play the violin. He did make money out of solving cases.

What was Sherlock Holmes first case?

Sherlock Holmes' first case was 'The Gloria Scott' published in1893, but the first published Sherlock Holmes story was the novel,'A Study in Scarlet' (1887) which, coincidentally, was his firstcase where he was accompanied by Watson.

When did Sherlock Holmes retire?

I'm not sure exactly when, but I know he retired to Sussex and lived as a beekeeper with no one for company except for his bees and his books. Very sad, I know. But at least he didn't die!! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle veiled his famous character Sherlock Holmes by stating that he has retired and is li ( Full Answer )

Did Sherlock Holmes jump?

Of course! He was a very lean and agile man with lots of strength and endurance. Considering his skills in fencing, it was not at all anything difficult for him to jump across and over walls or from parapets and sunshades to ground. In The Hound Of The Baskervilles, how he crosses and recrosses ( Full Answer )

Did Sherlock Holmes have friends?

It appeared that his only friend was really Dr. Watson. He had a very large set of acquiantances from which he drew specialized knowledge and services. Harold Stackhurst (The Adventure of the Lion's Mane) was an acquaintance later in life. His brother Mycroft could be considered a friend. In 'The ( Full Answer )

Did Sherlock Holmes fight in world war 2?

No, in the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The movies where Basil Rathbone plays Holmes, Holmes does not fight, but assists Scotland Yard and Washington D.C. in their war efforts against the Nazis. The case 'His Last Bow' takes place during World War 1. Sherlock Holmes would have been about 85 ( Full Answer )

What is Sherlock Holmes phone number?

There are only two stories indicating there is a telephone at 221b Baker Street with no mention of a phone number. In 'The Adventure of the Three Garridebs' Holmes calls Nathan Garrideb to setup an interview at Garrideb's home. In 'The Adventure of the Retired Colourman' Holmes says, "Thanks t ( Full Answer )

Did Sherlock Holmes take Morphine?

At the beginning of 'The Sign of Four,' Watson asks, 'Which is it today morphine or cocaine?' though we are not told of any morphine use until 'The Adventure of the Illustrious Client' after Holmes is involved in a scuffle. Holmes' attending physician, Sir Leslie Oakshott, tells Watson when he arriv ( Full Answer )

When was Sherlock Holmes a spy?

In the short story 'His Last Bow,' Holmes and Watson are spies forthe British government at the beginning of WW I though Holmes doesnot seem to understand the value of secrecy in the spy community.

What are some of Sherlock Holmes' problems?

He was a cocaine addict, [and occasionally took morphine] he smoked, and often was untidy and (both purposely and non-purposely) tended to neglect his health when on a case. He also knew very little about things that did not relate to crime.

What is Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles about?

The story starts when a man drops dead in the moors. A beggar triesto rob him. Holmes is told of an almost identical murder. Theyfollow Mortimor and Henry Baskerville out so that nothing happensto him. Holmes and Watson find a man pointing a gun in a nearby caband warn Henry. Watson and Henry later ( Full Answer )

Is Sherlock Holmes alive now?

I think that it depends on whether or not you believe that Sherlock Holmes was ever alive, or if he were simply a fictional character. If you are a Sherlockian, and believe that he was real, then I figure that he is probably dead by now, simply because he was 'supposedly' born January 6, 1854. Which ( Full Answer )

What is Sherlock Holmes' Silver Blaze about?

"Silver Blaze" is a short story where Sherlock and Watson journey to the countryside to attempt to solve the death of a trainer and the disappearance of a racehorse. The horse's name is Silver Blaze.

In which stories did Sherlock Holmes fight?

'The Naval Treaty,' in 'The Adventure of the Empty House' there is a description of Holmes' fight with Moriarty three years earlier, 'The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist,' and 'The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.'

What can you get from Sherlock Holmes?

You can get the ability of thrill and adventure and you can also get the ability to put pieces together to a mystery. :}

What is the story where Sherlock Holmes died?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the author did kill off Sherlock In the story, 'The Final Problem' But everyone was mad and unhappy with him, even Queen Victoria said she was mad at him killing him off, and then a few years later, he had another idea for a story and continued writing as if he never died.

What was Sherlock Holmes greatest mystery?

i think the final problem, as it builds up a lot of tension In 1927 'The Strand Magazine' ran a contest to see who could most closely guess the author's dozen favourite Sherlock Holmes stories from the first 44 short stories as a promotion for the release of 'The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes.' Her ( Full Answer )

How can you be smart like Sherlock Holmes?

Practice deductive reasoning and make a habit of looking at thesmall, minor details. Also, pick up only trivia and skills thatwould be useful to you and your work. Everything else isunimportant and not worth keeping in mind. That would be a start.Most importantly, do not jump to conclusions before y ( Full Answer )

Why is Sherlock Holmes a good detective?

Holmes used skills such as deductive reasoning, observation and forensic skills to help solve difficult cases. ----------- Here is a link for a definition of forensics. http://www.answers.com/topic/forensic

Are Sherlock Holmes stories the same?

They are not all the same, but some are similar. . A Case of Identity, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, and The Adventure of the Copper Beeches all feature fathers or step-fathers who do not want their daughters to marry. . The Red-Headed League, The Stock-broker's Clerk, The Adventure of th ( Full Answer )

Will their be another Sherlock Holmes movie?

As my name makes apparent, I am a great fan of Robert DOwney Jr as am I his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. I have heard the rumours of a sequel with none being confirmed as of yet, though it has been brought up so many times, I think it shall have one.

Was Sherlock Holmes crazy in the books?

We never really hear the term crazy, it is often pointed out that Holmes is very eccentric. These eccentricities are almost always attributed in one way or another to his genius mind and his inability to quiet his thoughts. Often Holmes's actions come into question, leaving Watson and the reader to ( Full Answer )

What kind of dog did Sherlock Holmes get?

"Now would you mind going down and fetching that poor little devil of a terrier which has been bad so long, and which the landlady wanted you to put out of its pain yesterday." -- Sherlock Holmes, 'A Study in Scarlet' Toby proved to be an ugly, long-haired, lop-eared creature, half spaniel and ha ( Full Answer )

What was the first film of Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes Baffled . American Mutoscope and BiographCo., April 1900, c. February 1903. 1 reel. 18 ft. 16 mm. "An early trick film, clearly made for viewing on a mutoscope orpeepshow machine. Although a tiny, trivial piece, it is historic asbeing the earliest known use of Sherlock Holmes in movi ( Full Answer )

How many volumes were there for Sherlock Holmes?

The 60 Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are found in : A Study in Scarlet The Sign of Four (or The Sign of The Four) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes The Hound of the Baskervilles The Return of Sherlock Holmes The Valley of Fear His L ( Full Answer )

The Return of Sherlock Holmes about?

What is The Return of Sherlock Holmes about? Well, it's an entire volume of Sherlock Holmes stories. I'll give you a little bit of information on each story... The Adventure of the Empty House Sherlock Holmes supposedly returns from the grave The Adventure of the Norwood Builder A young law ( Full Answer )

Who is the Director of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?

Directors of the Series There were several directors who worked on the series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Alan Grint directed 4 episodes, 1984-1985 The Final Problem; The Greek Interpreter; The Crooked Man; The Naval Treaty Paul Annett directed 3 episodes, 1984-1985 The Copper ( Full Answer )

Who outwitted Sherlock Holmes?

"THE woman," Irene Adler. "I have been beaten four times - three times by men and once by a woman." -- Sherlock Holmes, 'The Five Orange Pips'

What religion was Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes was not the type to believe in the supernatural so his faith in anything would not be unquestioning. There is a line in The Adventure of the Gloria Scott where, while he is telling a story about his friend Victor Trevor, Holmes said he had been on his way to chapel when Trevor's dog ( Full Answer )

What did Sherlock Holmes say when on a case?

In the Basil Rathbone movies, he said: "Elementary, my dear Watson." He said many things in the books. He tended to mutter to himself while searching a crime scene. He usually twitted Watson that "You see but you do not observe". He complained that he must have information to work on "Data! Da ( Full Answer )

Does Sherlock Holmes really die in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes?

In the trailer, it shows a casket being lowered into a grave marked Sherlock Holmes: 18 something something to 1888. So it's safe to assume that he truly does die. But they could also do with this what Conan Doyle did after The Final Problem.