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No, water was not a rationed food. however, things like potatoes, sugar, and meat were rationed. The government established special days such as meatless mondays and wheatless wednesdays.

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Q: Was water a rationed food during World War 1?
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Which food was not rationed during World War 2 but was rationed after it?


Which food was not rationed during the war but was rationed later?

In Britain bread not rationed in World War 2, but was rationed in 1946.

Why was food rationed in Britain during World War 2?

cos we had no food

What kind of food did they eat during World War 2?

rationed food

What food was not rationed during world war 2?

bread and fruit

What food was rationed during World War 2 in Britain?


Was potatoes rationed during world war 2?

Yes, nearly all food items were rationed. Potatoes were no exception.

Was food rationed in World War 1?

During World War I, food was rationed to prevent food shortages and hoarding of food. Foods that were rationed were sugar, meat, butter, cheese and margarine. Ration cards were issued and people had to register with their butcher and grocer to purchase these foods.

Tires and gas were rationed during World War 2 Name three other items that were rationed?

there was food clothing/cloth and tires and gas Rationed in WWII.

What food was not rationed during World War II?

vegetables,wheat , fruit.

Why was food in Hawaii rationed during world war 2?

They didn't have enough.

Why food and clothes rationed during the blitz?

food and clothes were rationed during the blitz because people were selfishly using them as dildos.

What materials did Americans rationed during World War 2?

Food, Gasoline, rubber, metal

What type of food did the rationed eat during world war 2?

They often grew their own food like veg to eat

What was rationed after World War two?


What did the people back in Britain drink during World War I?

People in Britain drank coffee, wine, and alcohol during World War 1. Many foods were rationed during WWI including butter, milk, and meats. Carrots were the one food that was not rationed in Britain.

What is a Sentence using the word rationed?

During World War II many products were rationed, including butter and sugar,Caught in a snowstorm when the car broke down, the family rationed the little food they had with them.

What was raitioning why were food and clothes rationed during the blitzs?

Food and Clothes were rationed so that everyone had the same and nobody else had more or less it was somthing to make everything fair to everyone !

What materials rationed during world war II?

Food, gasoline, rubber, sugar, leather, silk, copper

What lists consists of materials Americans rationed during World War 2?

Gasoline, food, nylon, and rubber

Who was rationed in the World War 2?

Many of the countries who fought in ww2 were rationed. Food and gasoline were two main items that were rationed in ww2.

What food was rationed in the Great Depression?

Food was not rationed in the US during the Great Depression. Many people had difficulty buying it, but the government did not impose rationing until the need arose to send large quantities of food overseas to the armed forces during World War 2.

Was there a short supply of food during rationing?

yes, of course this is why food was rationed.

How was food and fuel rationed during war?

food was given out in small peace's.

Why was sugar rationed in the US during World War 2?

Sugar was rationed to civilians because it was needed to create food - mostly candy bars - for US troops fighting overseas.