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Watching a cashier in grocery store repeatedly roll her eyes up completely into her head as she greeted and conversed with patrons forcing them to stare at big white blanks What was she looking for?


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There is a congenital defect of the eyes that can present itself this way. This person most likely has no control over this movement. == == I am sure this lady isn't doing this to annoy you or other customers and may have a degenerative disease re her eyes. Don't look at her eyes, but her mouth or any other part of her face. Be careful! It's the law in some States and in Canada where disabilities (within reason) shouldn't be a part of why a person can't get a job. Look at this woman as having a family (perhaps a single parent) with children to look after. We became friends with a Chinese restaurant owner who has obviously nerve damage and walks strangely and has a tick where his head will jerk. This is obviously some neurological disease, but he's running a great restaurant and is the nicest person and we go there at least twice a month. He's genuinely personable, works hard and serves good food. We ignore his physical disability because he's such a great guy and we also admire him. Our Safeway's often will hire 'bag boys' that are mentally challenged and although they can be slow most times I've never seen a customer complain and, in fact, we give the 'high five' for people with disabilities that want to get out and work and be independent and not live off tax payers. So, if you have to look at this lady look at her mouth or at something else.