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Water distributin of river ganga?

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Since ganga river is one of the river generating from Himalayas ,is can flow for that compare to the other river is pure

Ambala is situated on the water divide of indus and ganga

The water of ganga river does not get spoiled for years because there are bacteriopahges in it which kill other microorganisms keeping it clean and pure for years

from Where does the river ganga originate?

The Ganges River is named after the Goddess Ganga. Ganga is the mother of the Indian people. Touching the water in the river is said to wipe away all sins.

Because River Ganga is most sacred river to Hindus.

Because River Ganga is most sacred river to Hindus.

One of the states benefits of the Ganga River is that it provides water to the 5 states in India. It is also considered a holy river and is a widely visited tourist attraction.

Tehri dam is situated on river ganga

The river Ganga empties into the Bay of Bengal.

NARMADA River called mp's Ganga.

not only govt. is responsible for the state of the ganga and yammuna river. we are also responsible for it. govt. are making rules and laws for it but we are not following it. water is very precious for our life. so we have to the ganga and yammuna river for future use.

The Ganga River, an Hindu name for the Ganges River, is a proper noun, the name of a specific thing. Ganga is the personification of the sacred river, the goddess Ganga, also a proper noun, the name of the goddess.

It joins the river Yamuna which further join Ganga river

in Hinduism holy water is called GangaJal. It is the water of Ganga river.

Chamba river joins Yamuna a tibutory of Ganga ai Ettawa Up and Yamuna joins Ganga river at Allahabad.

The Godavari River is known as 'Dakshina Ganga'.

To make the Ganga water pollution free river

river godavari is called the dakshin ganga

The Ganga is one of the most famous holy rivers in India and flows from the Himalayas is most visited by pilgrims and is a very important river.

it is important b"coz it is the one river which gives us pure water

River ganga is know as mother of all river and its water is meant sacred by Hindu people. They belive that if a person wants to exculpate himself he should go to river ganga and take bath in it with true heart ask for acquittal then ganga water washed all his sin and he can be granted moksh i.e. ulitmate freedom from the cycle of worldy things

The River Ganga in India is very long, it is 2, 525km long

Ganga river is born form the Gangotri Glaciar in state of Uttranchal in India.

Wich city is not located to bank of river ganga

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