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Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius

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A temp of 273k is the temp at which water?


What is the temp that water freezes at in fahrenheit?

Pure water freezes at 320F.

What Temp water freezes?

32Fahrenheit 0Celcius

What is the Temp in D F at which Water Freezes?


A temp of 273 k is the temp at which water?

273 Kelvin is approx 0°C. Therefore water freezes.

Water freezes at what temp?

zero degrees celsius and below :)

Does carbonated soda freeze?

Yes, it does. And it freezes @ the freezing temp of water

At what temp does the sea freeze at?

Salt water freezes around 28 F

What is the definition of zero degree Celsius?

Temp at which fresh water freezes (or melts).

How do you Measure freezing point of water?

You have a freezer that goes below zero and you keep lowering the temp, slowly, until the water freezes. Then you note that temp.

Which freezes faster cold water or hot water?

i think that cold water freezes faster than hot water cause the particle in cold water are already cold so all the freezer have to do let the air come down and around the cup than it will freeze faster. <-----incorrect The right answer: hot water freezes faster coz the temp drops faster so when it gets to the cold water temp is it still freezes faster

What has the lowest freezing point salt water sugar water plain water?

Saturated salt water freezes at a lower temp than saturated sugar water, which freezes at a lower temp than plain water. So plain water will freeze first then sugar water then salt water. Thank you QUIRKIE @

At what temp does sea salt freeze at?

Salt water freezes around 28 F.

At 0 degrees celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit on the temperature scale?

Water freezes at that temp.

How does antifreeze keep the water in your radiator from freezing?

Most antifreeze has a chemical that freezes at a very lower temp than plain water.

What temp does h2o boil on the celsiuos scale?

Water (H2O) freezes at 0°C, and boils at 100°C.

What temp does water freeze at partial vacuum?

The answer depends on the degree of vacuum. It freezes at lower temperatures as the pressure decreases.

What temp deos water freeze in degrees C and degrees F?

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Celsius.

What happens if you freeze salt with water?

Salt lowers the temp at which water freezes, that's all that happens. So it will defrost quicker, too.

Why would antifreeze be helpful on a very hot days?

The glycenol is from sugar. Sugar handles heat and cold better than plain water. Sugar-water boils at a higher temp and freezes at a lower temp than water.

What happens when you put two trays of salt water and pure water into the freezer?

salt water freezes firast because salt raises boiling and freezing temp

What freezes faster hot water or cold water?

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

What happens to volume of water when it freezes?

the water freezes and expands.

Water does this when it freezes?

It floats when it freezes.

What is 104 degree c in f?

104 degrees Celsius is 219.2 degrees Fahrenheit To get a general idea, 0 degrees Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit(water freezes at this temp) and 100 Celsius is 212 Fahrenheit(water boils at this temp)