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wet floorboardsIf the vehicle has a sunroof, the source should be fixed first. I would clear the rain channel tubes and drain. If you locate the drain it would be great if you could tell me where it is because my 99 town car does the same thing.

On my 1998 Towncar, I put a drainhose on the bottom of the windshield just under the lip of the hood and ran to behind the front wheel as a stopgap measure. I siliconed a small funnel onto the drain on bottom of window and slid the hose on. It stopped water from coming into the passenger side floor

i have a '88 L.C. signature series, had same's not the sun roof, or the front dash/deck under the hood.

was on freeway, bigrig kicked a rock, cracked my windshield, and i replaced it.

with the tar replaced (that sticky black stuff which "glues" the glass in), my nightmare in the swimming pool thus came to an end...

I have a 98 Lincoln Town Car with the same problem. Two mechanics at two different service stations blew out different hoses that carry away water from the sunroof. The interior of my car was wet before a cold snap and didn't dry before we had freezing weather. Now it's warming up and I suspect the water was previously in the car and is now melting. How can I be sure that it's fixed?

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Q: Water leaking into passenger side floorboard of 1998 Town Car during rain storms how do you replace 'foam' gasket and with what?
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