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I assume you mean the 'Siamese fighting fish' (Betta splendens) they prefer to be kept at around 75F under normal conditions and 80F when breeding.

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What water temperature should you have for your fighting fish?

they will do their best in room temperature water

What temperature does the water need to be for a Siamese fighting fish?

These are tropical fish that like their water warm. Betta are best kept at 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

What is the fish temperature?

Fish are the same temperature as the water they are in.

What temperature does the fighting fish live at?

78-80 degrees they are tropical fish

Can cold water kill fighting fish?

No cold water can not kill fighting!

Are Japanese fighting fish fresh or salt water?

I think the fish you are asking about is the Siamese Fighting fish AKA (Betta splendens). They are tropical fresh water fish.

Does a fighting fish need fresh water?

A Siamese fighting fish/betta? Yes! They cannot survive in salt water.

What fish can live with Siamese fighting fish that do not need a heated tank?

Bettas (Siamese fighting fish) actually do need a heater unless they are in a location that allows the water temperature to reach 78F to 80F and remain at that temperature. If that temperature is consistent, then you could consider some tetras, ghost shrimp, or even some rasboras provided you have enough space.

Can you use bottle water for fighting fish?

No, you cannot use bottle water for your fighting fish....it has to be drinking water, but not out of a water bottle, due to the additives and the filthering process.

Do siamese fighting fish live in salt water?

no they are strictly fresh water fish.

What is the hottest temperature of water fish can live in?

A safe temperature for tropical fresh water fish is 20-35 degrees

How do fish regulate their temperature in a water column?

Fish are ectotherms, meaning their internal temperature depends on the temperature of the environment.

Can you mix clown fish with fighting fish?

No; clownfish are marine (saltwater) whereas fighting fish/betta's are freshwater fish. They cannot be placed into the same type of water or aquarium.

What kind of water for Siamese fighting fish?

deffo salt watercoz i have a tank full of siamese fighting fish and i keep them in saltwater

Can fish freeze to death?

Yes. Depending on the fish, but all fish can freeze if the temperature of the water reaches a certain temperature.

Do fighting fish fight normal fish?

Fighting fish will fight and KILL non-fighting fish.

Can you put a fish in warm water?

Majority of fish in fish stores are warm water fish and as long as the water does not exceed the fish's range of suitable temperature.

What Is The Average Body Temperature For Fish?

i think that the body temperature for a fish is usually the same as the ambient temperature of the water in which it naturally lives.

What fish can live in tap water?

Goldfish can live in tap water and so can Chinese fighting fish!<3 :) :D

Would fighting fish fight with platys?

No, fighting fish (Bettas) are only interested in fighting with other fighting fish.

Are fighting fish tropical?

Technically fighting fish (betta) are tropical fish, but they are highly tolerant of lower temperatures down to about 67F. They are much happier if the temperature is 70F-80F, and lower temperatures can lead to fungal infections.

Can Siamese fighting fish live in cold water?

no non of the fighting fish can or they will sadly dieand can die really easly from other things like over feeding, not putting in any conditioner and also scaring your fighting fish.

What kind of light do Siamese fighting fish like?

Answer Siamese Fighting Fish I have 2 fighting fish myself. I believe that Siamese fighting fish prefer a dim light to being in bright light for example, or direct sunlight. Although they do prefer warm water, the lighting I think is preferred dark.

What is the most common fresh water fish?

the three most common fresh water is guppy or million fish, goldfish, and betta or Siamese fighting fish.

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