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Electromagnetic waves.

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electromagnetic waves don't need a medium to travel but they can travel through a medium too so the answer is both.

Electromagnetic waves can travel with or without a medium.

it does not travel in a vacuum because the molecules do not have any air <><><><><> Sound travels by vibrating the medium, i.e. air. Without a medium, sound cannot travel.

A vibrating source, a medium, and a recevier

Sound waves are vibrations through a medium, such as air or water. The energy travels from the vibrating source and vibrates molecules in the medium, which push others sending a wave through the medium. Without a medium, there's nothing to vibrate and sound cannot travel.

Propagation of sound in a medium (like the atmosphere) is the collision between the medium particles driven by a vibrating object

Sound is caused by a vibrating medium. It's origin is the source of the vibrations.

sound is produced by vibrating a source threw air. +======================= Answer 2: For mechanical waves to traverse we need an elastic medium.

Light can travel with and without a medium.

When an object vibrates, it forces the neighbouring particles of the medium to vibrate. These vibrating particles then force the particles adjacent to them to vibrate. In this way, vibrations produced by an object are transferred from one particle to another till it reaches the ear.

A flow of electrical charges running through a medium is known as an electrical current.

a vibrating body moves to and fro around its rest position and produces compressional waves in the surrounding medium. these compressional waves are called the sound waves which trevles from one place to another.

Light exists as tiny "packets" called photons. These photons exhibit both the properties of waves and particles. since it acts like a particle it can travel without a medium.

No, sound cannot be transmitted without a medium. Sound is a longitudinal wave. NEarly all longitudinal waves cannot travel without medium.

Waves cannot travel without a medium. These waves must travel though some sort of medium in order to be heard.

If the light travels faster in the second medium, then this medium is called the rarer medium.

According to Maxwell's Equations electromagnetic waves are able to propagate without the need for any medium: moving electric charges induce a moving magnetic field, a moving magnetic field induces moving electric charges, ad infinitum...

When an object vibrates it produces disturbance in the medium and then the compressions and rarefactions produced travels through the medium to our ears from the vibrator and hence the sound is perceived.

As we know sound is a mechanical wave and needs a material medium like air ,steel etc.. When an objects vibrates,it sets the particles of the medium around it vibrating...

Lasing medium also called the gain medium is the active medium in the laser.

Waves that require a medium are called mechanical waves

group velocity depends upon the frequency of the wave. such type of materials called dispersive medium.

It depends on what medium it is in. If it is in a solid medium, the particles will be closely together, or vibrating. If it is in a liquid, the particles will be spreaded out and moving slowly. If it is in a gas, the particles will be in moving rapidly.