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Q: Way to test for testicular cancer at home?
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Can the woman get cancer or infection if he has testicular cancer?

cancer is in no way contagious

How is testicular cancer prevented?

There is no specific way to prevent testicular cancer. The best advice is to do monthly self exams.

How can testicular cancer be cured homeopathically?

you cannot treat cancer that way, you need proper medical treatment.

What is the name of cancer is found in the reproductive system of young males The most important way to prevent this potentialy deadly disease is through self-examination?

testicular cancer

Is there a cure for testicular cancer?

There is no cure for testicular cancer, however there are treatments that will eliminate the cancerous tissue from your body. The most prevalent way is through surgery, in which the afflicted organs re removed from your body. This has no effect on your hormones if only one testicle is removed. The remaining testicle (should there be any) will take on the burden of the other.

How do you check yourself for testicular cancer?

Regularly feel your testicles. They should be smooth all the way around. If you notice a bump that is attached to one that wasn't there the last time you checked, have it looked at.

How do you test if pregnant?

Easiest way is to get a home test at the drug store or even at the dollar store.

If you have had a tubal pregnancy will a home pregnancy test be accurate?

Yes a home pregnancy test will be accurate usually. But a blood test is the most accurate way of determing pregnancy.

How do you check for cervical cancer?

The best and safest way to determine if you do have cervical cancer is to make an appointment with a gynocologist. They are trained specialists and have the equipment to test for this and get accurate results.

How do you pass a saliva drug test with home remedies?

Ain't no way, no how

What is testicular diaphoresis?

I suppose it's someone's jokey "fancy" way of saying sweaty balls. Diaphoresis means copious sweating. Testicular means related to the testicles.

If a home pregnancy test came out positive but the doctors came out negative What is it mean?

The home test examies urine... the doctor examines blood. The doctor is way more accurate. The home test can be fooled by something you ate.

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