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Testicular Pain

Ways to hurt a testicle?

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Let's see... some possible ways:
- kicking
- punching
- slapping
- squeezing
- stomping
- biting
- crushing 'em in a vice
- hitting 'em with a Baseball bat
- stabbing 'em with needles
- extreme blueballing

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Why does your right testicle hurt?

Testicle itself or the general area? Possibly a pulled groin muscle.

Why does one testicle hurt?

This is a question best directed to a physician.

Does it hurt more for a guy to get hit in the testicle when he's hard?

Yes it will hurt more when i t is hard.

What can cause a testicle to swell and hurt accompanied by stomach pain?

viral infection

Why does your testicle is hurt?

It could be normal or an infection or something more serious. You should see your doctor.

Was in a car accident and bruised a testicle Prior to the accident the left testicle hung lower now the right one hangs lower is there a problem?

If it doesn't hurt and you seem to be functioning properly, you are probably fine. It is not uncommon for an injury to cause one testicle to hang lower than the other permanently.

How much to donate a testicle?

it will cost you a testicle

Can you reproduce with one testicle?

Yes, as long as the testicle is functioning properly then you can reproduce with one testicle.

How did british rule hurt India?

in what ways did british hurt india

What rhymes with testicle?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word testicle.

How do you get testicle tumors?

Yes, you can also have testicle cancer

Why does lucky's left testicle hurt?

first of all lucky's left testicle hurts because he like the devil and illuminati secondly it hurts as he want to be a member of the illuminati and is a true follower .) that is the illuminati smiley made up by lucky's best friend mani

Is it possible to bruise a testicle?

YES and it does hurt I am a man speaking of experience I once took several billed to the head and testical of my penis bruising it ow.

What are ways to abuse your animal?

Different ways to abuse your animals is to kick them and hurt them give them to the pound where they might get even more than you could hurt them.

Why would your left testicle tingle?

Why is there a tingle in my left testicle

Does darcy have one testicle?

Yes, he has only one testicle.

What is an undecended testicle?

When the testicle is still in the abdomen and has not dropped into the scrotum.

Can you get your testicle pierced?

No unless you want to blead out from a hole in your testicle

What does Testicle do in a human?

The Testicle is what produces sperm in the male human body.

Can you have a baby with one broken testicle and one fine testicle?

yes you can (I did)

What surrounds the testicle?

A sac called as tunica vaganalis surrounds the testicle.

Which testicle gets you pregnant?

Either testicle is capable of getting a female pregnant. Even a male with only one testicle can get a female pregnant.

What is a horse testicle and what does it do?

A horse testicle is a part of the horse where it is used for breeding to produce foals. The testicle is also a name for a part of a human body.

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