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Some weapons that the ancient Incas used were slings and spears. They also used axes and bows and arrows.

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What kind of weapons did the Incas use?

wat king of weapens did incas used

How did ancient people make weapons?

Ancient people used obsidian ( rocks used to make weapons)

Did Incas in ancient Egypt make mummies?

The Incas were in the Americas, not in ancient Egypt. So no, the Incas never made mummies in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians did.

Did ancient Egyptians use bronze for weapons?

Ancient Egypt did not use bronze weapons and the Hyksos used bronze weapons against them.

What siege weapons were used in ancient China?

Weapons such as Bronze swords.

What weapons were used in Ancient India?


What did the Aztecs and incas have no resistance to?

weapons and horses

What is ancient Peruvians?


What did the Ancient Incas grow?

The ancient Incas grew mostly potatoes on terraces carved into the Andes Mountains where they resided.

What was one of the strongest weapons that Europeans used against the Incas was?

Disease. Many Diseases common in Europe did not yet exist in the new world and the Incas had no bodily defense against them.

What were the weapons used by criminals in ancient Rome?


What weapons did ancient Athens use?

used their boogers

What were the Ancient Chinese weapons used for and what were they made of?

a duck

The Spanish had better than the Aztecs and Incas?


Do Incas an ancient tribe in Mexico?

i think so....? If you mean "ARE the Incas an ancient tribe FROM Mexico?" the answer is No. The Incas were a South American Empire located in Peru, which is south of Mexico, in the 13th Century.

What were matches used for in ancient China?

they were used for siege weapons at first, then they were used for cooking

How ancient man used rock?

Tools weapons for hunting

What tools and weapons did ancient egyptians use?

they used stuff

What ancient cilivation developed advanced weapons and strategies which they used to conquer the ancient world?


What is the difference between the Incas and the conquistadors?

The Conquistadors conquered the Incas. that is the main difference, the conquistadors were Spanish conquerors. Incas were an ancient civilisation.

What skills did ancient Hawaiian warriors have?

Ancient Hawaiians had many weapons, but they did not use bows because they used it only for hunting. Some weapons used were knives made of bone, wood, or rock.

Occupation of many ancient incas?


What did the ancient incas eat?

Potatoes & llamas

What is the name of an ancient civilization in Peru?

The Incas.

How was iron used in ancient times?

Iron was used for Weapons and Shields also for Armor.