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Found 2, depends on what you are actually looking for though.


........This one appears to be erratic at best, but may be time of day issues.


........this one looked like it was up and working.

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Why do business people use web cams?

Business people use web cams to do live video chats with Each other. my father uses web cams to do meetings with his work. hope this helped. ;)

Do net books have web cams?

most of them do.

Is a web cams input or output?

an input

What are some of the free gay web cams out there?

Why would you use web cams in school?

For penpals

Chevy 350 cam?

comp cams web site.

How are web cams useful to ornithologists?

how are webcams useful to ornithologists

What are the advantages of using a web cam?

Web cams allow people to speak with video chat programs. These programs allow face to face interaction to be possible and also an immediate answer. Web cams are not expensive and are easy to find and use.

Where can I buy a web cam the is on sale?

You can buy web cams in-store or online. Check local store flyers for sales or deals, and compare them to their original prices. If you are buying a web cam online, you can check out store websites to buy new web cams as sales may still apply. Otherwise, try checking out auction websites to try to buy good quality web cams on sale.

Is a webcam an input or output device?

Web-cams are input devices.

How do you put webcam on your computer?

Most web cams have a usb plug in which plugs into your usb port located on the tower or the side of the laptop. Portable web cams can be purchased at many places such as Amazon and Walmart.

What are the Web cams advantages?

You can see the person (people) you are communicating with via the internet.

Do all laptops have web cams?

no. only the better of laptops have built in webcams.

Can Logitech web cameras run in Linux?

Yes. Most web cams are supported by the v4l (Video for Linux) module.

Name computer peripherals?

Printers, Scanners, Tape Drives, Web Cams, etc.

Are there live web cams for the Suez canal?

There are currently no live web cams for the Suez Canal, though several years ago in 2010, there was on established that had a live link online, and anyone could tune in and watch it. It has since been disconnected.

Who uses web cams?

I bet every one that has got a web-cam goes on it ,or people who goes on it might not go on it everyday

What are some of the manufactures of webcamera?

Some of the manufacturers of web cameras are HP and Dell. Web cameras ('web cams') are typically small in size and feature diminished resolutions.

Do people in Peru use web cams?

Yes. They also wear shoes and regular clothes.

What are the main differences between expensive and inexpensive web cams?

One of the doesn't cost as much.

Can you see the person sitting at the computer?

Assuming you mean "can the person I'm chatting to online see me or can I see the person I'm chatting to?" The answer is sometimes. Many chat programs have the ability to integrate web cameras, or "web cams." Web cams allow the computer with the web cam to show its user to another person. If you want to see someone that person should have a web cam. If you want someone to see you, you need a web cam.

Do all web cams go on top of your computer?

i have mine on the side, so you can put it wherever you want

Do you know how to find people through the web in Thailand?

you look on the map

Do web cams plug into the USB?

Most webcams will plug into the USB; the best bet is to check the packaging to be sure.

Are web cams safe?

Depends what you are trying to so with it. If you are trying to swallow it whole while it is still connected to a PC, I would guess not.

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