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If you are looking for some unique wedding gift ideas the first place i will look is online. There are some good website who will give you some gift ideas. Just go to Google and type "wedding gift ideas" and you will find some great sites.

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Some ideas for a Muslim wedding gift are small kitchen appliances or a set of nice Egyptian cotton washcloths and towels. Cash in a nice card would also be a welcome gift.

10th WEDDING ANNIVERSARYTraditional Anniversary Gift: TinModern Anniversary Gift: AluminumTravel Anniversary Gift Ideas: South America

There are many good gift ideas for a wedding. Some examples of good wedding gifts include porcelain vases, some sort of casserole dish, and a crystal pitcher. Anything white and decently priced will do.

You can find great ideas for a wedding if you go online and look under different bridal shops. You can also look in the wedding magazines which are always helpful.

Well silver is what is the traditional gift to give for someone's 25th wedding anniversary. Some ideas, a silver vase filled with their favorite flowers, silver stemmed wine glasses engraved with their wedding date are a silver platter engraved.

You can have it a pre-wedding gift or an advance wedding gift.

When you need some ideas for a 23 rd wedding anniversary there are some good website to give you some ideas. When you go to any search engines you type "wedding gift ideas" you will get some good website to give you an idea.

There's no traditional gift ideas found by us so far. The modern gifts are furnitures.

Good ideas are something that's personal to you and your big day. Also it's very popular to have a favor based on the theme of the wedding! You should aim to have your gift something your guests can keep and a way to remember your memorable day

A good wedding gift is usually something the couple needs. You should ask where they are registered, as that will give you several ideas, and you won't risk getting a duplicate gift!

A good personalized photo gift with a wedding photo in it would really touch anyone's heart. Check out some good photo gifts in the link below.

A suitable present for a teen as a thank you for being in a wedding is a gift card. Other gift ideas for a boy would be a watch or pocketknife, and jewelry or perfume for a girl.

2nd wedding anniversary represents cotton; Gift ideas range from: Cotton bedding, table cloth in cotton to chinaware.

Personalize it with a photo or message from the heart. Check out the related links below for personalized gift ideas.

Etiquette states that if you are invited to a wedding and cannot make the wedding you send a wedding gift. It can be monetary or a gift mailed.

Cheap wedding gift ideas can be found at places like Amazon, Walmart, Pier 1, and Hallmark stores. Gift dot com is a website devoted to budget ideas for weddings.

Etiquette states that you have up to a year after the wedding to get someone a wedding gift.

Even if you have bought a wedding shower gift and have been invited to the wedding you should also give the bride and groom a gift.Personalised wedding portrait from photo.

I used "The Knot" and it helped me a lot! It gave me reception ideas, brides maid gift ideas, cake ideas and it helps with your budget! I LOVE that site!

Cash or gift vouchers, or ask them about a wedding registry?

If you were not invited then no, you do not have to give a gift. If you were invited, but couldn't make the wedding then yes, you should send a wedding gift.

Some great ideas for a 60th wedding anniversary would be a cruise or a paid vacation. You could give them a free maid service or fix them a special dinner.

No. The bridal shower gift is from the wedding registry. There won't be much gifts left on the registry to give at the wedding. Most give cash at the wedding.

On the modern anniversary list your 39th wedding anniversary is celebrated with lace, the traditional list does not specify a gift for the 39th. Lace is also the gift for the 13th wedding anniversary on the traditional list. Lace gift ideas could be a lace hanky, lace underwear, lace tablecloth.

There are a lot of gift ideas if you look on internet.

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