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During the beginning of his career, A-Rod was drafted as a #1 Pick, by the Seattle Mariners. He was later traded to the Texas Rangers. Then he was traded to the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano and a minor leaguer. Jeter was drafted by the Yankees out of High School and will always be a Yankee.

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Is Derek Jeter more popular than AROD in New York?

I would think so.

What are the names of all the Yankees to wear 7?

derek jeter arod cc sabathia mark teixera robby cano melky cabrera nickswisher Brett gardner johnny Damon hideki matsui mariano rivera that's all you need to know

Who is better Arod or puljos?

Arod is a better all around player.

Who better lance berkman or arod?

Even without steroids Arod is much better.

Has arod been traded yet?

Arod got traded once. From Texas to the Yankees.

Will Arod beat Barry Bonds record for all-time home runs?

yes , if arod stays healthy

What is Yankee?

Yankees are the truly amazing, fantasic, fabulous, awesome baseball team for New York. Derek Jeter and A-Rod are really cute and me and my friend are someday going to marry them. Eli Manning on the giants is really cute too. I plan on marrying arod and Eli and they're both ok with me having a double marrige. (i told arod through my physic abilities and i texted Eli). Just so you know we're both 12. P.S. i don't know if you meant just lives in New York, (Yankee doodle) or what, but we Yankee fans in Kentucky don't get to talk about or show our obsession that much so this is how we do!!! GOOOOOOO YAAAAANKEEEEEEES!!!! (and Giants!!!!!) A.L.K. and S.E.O. TEXT MEE ELI AND I'LL SEND U A MESSAGE IN MY MIND AROD!! LOVE YA!!

How long has arod been a Yankee?

Since 2004.

How many people hate Arod?

OVER 9000!

Who is name starts with an a and famous?

arod or adam sandler

Is Alex Rodriguez biracial?

No, Arod is 100% Dominican.

What is Alex Rodriguez's nickname a-rod?

yes it is arod.

Did arod use steroids?

no he didnt he used banned vitamins

Is Michael Phelps on steriods?

No- you are getting him mixed up with Arod :)

Who plays 3rd base in the New York Yankees?


30 home runs for both the Yankees and rangers?


Who had the fewest at bats to reach 500 home runs?


Who makes the most money in MLB?

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

How many hits did ARod get in 2006?

A-rod had 166 hits in 2006.

What did William Shakespeare do before he became a playwright?

He was a business man you arod

When did arod join the Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez's first year with the Yankees was in 2004.

Will Arod play for the Red Sox?

== == most likely not ---- If they pay him enough to leave the Yankees

Who hit the most home runs in 2003?

arod the best player ever 57

When will arod hit 600 Homers?

he hit against the bluejays pitcher Shawn marcum

How many home runs has arod hit in 2009?

4 home runs in 2009