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No. I think it was North Carolina and South Carolina

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Q: Were Alabama and North Carolina the first to enact child labor laws in 1903?
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First state to enact the nurse registration act?

North Carolina

Were Massachusetts and New York the first to enact child labor laws in 1903?


Who enacted child labor laws?

The current Child Labor Laws in the United States were enacted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1938. US presidents do not enact laws, they merely "see that the laws are faithfully executed". Congress and state legislatures enact laws.

Why were early efforts to enact federal bans on child labor unsuccessful?

factory owners ignores the law

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Enact- to make into a law.

Why were early progressive attempts to enact federal bans on child labor unsuccesful?

The bans had little public support.

What was the compromise between Jackson and the South Carolina?

South Carolina accepted the compromise tariff of 1832 and withdrew its nullification of the 1828 tariff, but it then "nullified" the Force Act which Jackson had Congress enact to enforce the federal tariff.

What prompted China's government to enact this policy?

The One Child Policy was enacted in the late 1970s to limit the population growth.

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