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Germany occupied Denmark, Norway and Poland.

Although neutral, German troops were allowed across Sweden to Norway in the period after the invasion.

Finland was a German ally following the German invasion of Russia in 1941, and German forces were present in Finland on that basis, particularly in the far north.

AnswerFinland was allied with Germany but only to get back the land they lost to the Soviet Union during the Winter War, in 1944 Finland made peace with the Soviets and then made war against the Germans to drive them out of their country this is known as the Lapland War. AnswerShort version: Yes, no,yes,no and yes.

it was occupied yes it was occupied

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Q: Were Denmark Sweden Norway Finland or Poland occupied by Germany in World War 2?
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Were Denmark Sweden Norway Finland and Poland occupied by Germany in World War 2?

All of those except Sweden were occupied by Germany.

Were Denmark Finland and Norway occupied by Germany in World War 2?

denmark, yes Norway, yes Finland, im not sure about but unless the Germans attacked Norway from boats, they had to go through Finland. unless Norway just up and surendered

Did Germany occupy Norway in World War 2?

Yes. But not all of it wasnt.Yes Norway was occupied by Germany in World War 2. Trust me this is real, I had to do a report on Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Germany.

Was Norway occupied?

Yes, Germany attacked Norway and Denmark on the 9. April 1940.

Were Sweden Norway Finland Poland Germany occupied?

The German Nazis occupied Norway, Finland, Poland but not Sweden. Sweden was a neutral nation and did not have resources Hitler wanted.

What exactly was the blitzkrieg with Norway and Finland?

Blitzkrieg was a war tactic used by Hitler to strike and occupy areas quickly. Norway was occupied by Germany but Finland was not. Thus there was no blitzkrieg with Finland.

What Scandinavian countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Denmark and Norway.

What year did Germany occupy of the Netherlands belgium denmark and Norway?

The Germans occupied the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway during the second world war in 1940.

When did Germany attack Denmark?

Germany attacked & occupied Denmark beginning 4:15am on April 9, 1940. This was done as part of the German invasion of Norway. Germany needed air bases in Denmark to support its simultaneous invasion of Norway.

Norway Sweden Denmark and Finland are collectively called?

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland AND Iceland are known as the Nordic countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark are known as Scandinavia Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland don't have a collective name.

Was Norway occupied in Germany?

Yes. Norway was occupied by Germany in World War II.

What are the capitals of Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Poland and Germany?

Germany: Berlin Poland: Warsaw Finland: Helsimki Norway: Oslo Sweden: Stockholm Denmark: Copenhagen

What are the capitals of Denmark Norway Finland Poland and Germany?

Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Warsaw and Berlin.

What did the German army occupy during World War 2?

Poland,denmark,Germany,Finland,and Norway

What are the neighboring countries of Scandinavia?

Norway and Sweden boarder: Russia and Finland, while Denmark boarders Germany

What three nations were occupied by Germany during WW II?

Germany occupied many nations during WWII, including France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Norway.

What counrys are around Sweden?

Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Germany. However all but Norway and Finland are separated from Sweden by the Baltic sea.

What years did Germany occupy Denmark?

Denmark was occupied as a result of Weserubung, the invasion of Norway. This is in April 1940. It would remain so until 1945.

Who is a neighbor of Sweden?

By land, Norway and Finland.By bridge & tunnel over sea, Denmark.By sea, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Did Germany invade Finland?

Finland was invaded by Germay in 1940, germany also invaded denmark, norway, belgium, Netherlands, Luexburg, and France in that same year. ____ No. Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany.

Was Germany occupied by the Nazis during World War 2?

Yes, Germany was occupied by the Nazis in World War II, and so were Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, and Germany.+++The Nazis did not "invade" Germany: they were German, albeit coming to power in underhand ways and ruling their own country as a dictatorship.

Is Germany closer to Denmark or Norway?


What counties are in the northern hemisphere?

Russia, Canada, U.S.A., Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, and Germany.

What countries have large populations of protestants?

England, Scotland, Northern Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

What happened to Denmark Norway and Finland during World War 2?

Denmark and Norway were occupied by Nazi Germany in 1940 and remained so until liberated in 1945. Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union before Russia and Germany went to war and, although she put up a good fight, was forced to make concessions to the Soviets and had to maintain a careful neutrality for the rest of the war. Even thought Finland "won" the continuation war, peace treaty made Soviet Union winner because Finland was fighting with German