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Q: Were English bulldogs once wild
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What do wild bulldogs eat?

wild bulldogs would be related to wolves. so, of course, wild bulldogs will eat meat and will hunt in packs if there are enough numbers of wild bulldogs.

Are American bulldogs bigger than English bulldogs?

Yes, American bulldogs are taller and weigh more than English bulldogs.

Miniature English Bulldogs?

Miniature English bulldogs are exactly like regular English bulldogs only a tad bit smaller.

Are there any wild french bulldogs?

All bulldogs are domestic breeds of dogs and thus there are no native wild bulldogs. However there may be some examples of pet bulldogs that have gone feral.

Are English bulldogs aggressive?

English Bulldogs should have an easygoing temperament and are rarely aggressive.

Are American bulldogs related to English bulldogs?

They kind of are. American bulldogs are a mix of old english and maybe a pittbull or some type

What is the difference between English bulldogs an british bulldogs?

they are the same

How are French bulldogs different from English bulldogs?

English bulldogs are typically purebred. They can weigh in the range of 50-70 lbs. The french bulldog is known as the english bulldogs smaller cousin. They tend be to 18-28lbs.

Are English bulldogs ugly?


Do English bulldogs hunt?

English bulldogs are very lazy and prefer to lay inside so no they do not hunt.

Do english bulldogs migrate or hibernate?

English bulldogs neither migrate nor hibernate. They are domesticated animals.

what were bulldogs bred for?

English Bulldogs were originally bred for the sport of Bullbaiting.

What were bulldogs originally bred for?

English Bulldogs were originally bred for the sport of Bullbaiting.

Are English bulldogs illegal in the UK?


Are all English bulldogs white?


What are English bulldogs predators?


Are English bulldogs friendly?

English bulldogs are defently friendly to kids, adults and babies they are very gentle and are very nice

Does Nikki minaj like English bulldogs?

nikki minaj likes to kiss her bulldogs

Do English bulldogs bark?

All dogs except the Basenji bark, including bulldogs.

What is the habitat for English bulldogs?

Bulldogs are domesticated pets. Their habitat is where ever their owner lives

Do Victorian Bulldogs have the same complications that leads to a c-section as the English bulldogs do?

Victorian Bulldog (also known as the "Olde English Bulldogge") are usually born naturally, whereas English bulldogs are born by c-section.

What dog has the biggest butt?

English Bulldogs English Bulldogs

How much are English bulldogs?

In a pet store English bulldogs are about $3500. From a breeder the should charge you $2500 for a female and $2000 for a male.

Are English bulldogs easy to train?

English Bulldogs are very cooperative dogs making them pretty easy to train if you know what you are doing.

Who is stronger English bulldogs or rottweillers?