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> Hitler and Stalin did agree to be allies, however Hitler broke the pact by

> invading Russia when Stalin was completely unaware to this. When this

> happened Stalin sulked away in his room for 3 or 4 days while the German

> soldiers invaded Russia. When they were still allies though, they agreed

> to split up Poland half for Hitler and half for Stalin.

Mostly true.

> They hated each other. Fascism and communism are polar opposites, so

> Hitler and Stalin viewed each other's method of rule as the wrong way. They

> did have a sort of respect for each other, hence the short-lived

> Non-Aggression Pact between the two countries.

This is inaccurate and based on false assumptions. Stalin may have come to hate or respect Hitler because of the events described above. But they had no sense of being polar opposites due to ideology, these two had just signed a non aggression pact, making them allies just as war was brewing, and after both had spent many years building large militaries.

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Q: Were Hitler and Stalin allies
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What groups opposed Stalin?

Mostly the allies opposed Stalin, same as Hitler

Why were Hitler and Stalin brief allies?

Stalin wasn't prepared for war and Hitler didn't want a two front war.

Why did Hitler turn on Joseph Stalin?

They were actually allies invading Poland. Hitler turned on Stalin simply because he wanted to take out USSR.

Was Stalin allied with Hitler?

Stalin was allied with the allies and not Hitler. Germany and Russia had a non aggression pact until Germany invaded Russia. After that they were enemies.

Why did Stalin switch from axis to allied in World War 2?

although Stalin had a none aggression pact with Hitler, Hitler attached the Soviet Union causing Stalin to side with the allies...........................

Why was d day such an important day?

it was the day Hitler and Stalin invaded the allies.

What side was Stalin on?

He was one of the Axis powers. He made a treaty with Hitler, which Hitler broke when he invaded Russia. The three allies in the Axis in WII were Mussolini (Italy), Stalin (Soviet Union) and Hitler (Germany).

Why did Stalin join forces with the allies in ww2?

He had Hitler invading Russia and needed help.

Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

Why did Stalin join the allies?

Adolph Hitler made a nonaggression act with Stalin. So Stalin and Hitler became partners in crime, taking over more and more territory. Hitler felt threatened by the rate at which Stalin was attaining land, so he tries to invade the u.s.s.r. He doesn't succeed. What an epic FAILURE! So Stalin then joins the Allied Forces at the begginning of WWII.

Who were Joseph Stalin's allies?

Stalin had many allies that are secret. in fact, Stalin had the us as his allies

Did Hitler and Stalin meet?

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

Was Joseph Stalin on the Allies or the Axis side in World War 2?

Stalin was on the side of the Allies .

How did Stalin help the allies?

He was paranoid so he wanted support from other countries. He helped Hitler by not invading Europe like they agreed when they first started being allies

Did Stalin make a pact with Hitler?

Yes. It was the Hitler-Stalin Pact.

Did Hitler and Stalin ever meet?

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

Who was the most violent Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin and Hitler were both equally violent.

Was Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler both in favor of Communism?

No, Stalin was, Hitler was not.

How was Stalin a better leader than Hitler?

Stalin was worst than Hitler. Stalin killed 9 million more people than Hitler.

What are the dissimilarities between Hitler and Stalin?

Stalin was the leader of the Russians between 1922-1953 and was a fan of communism. Hitler was completeley different. He was the leader of the Nazi party in Germany, and was one of the key elements of WW2. He killed himself when the Allies won the war.

Who was more liberal Stalin or Hitler and why?


What did francisco franco have in common with Hitler and Stalin?

With Hitler he was a socialist. He had nothing in common with Stalin.

Who was the worst dictator Hitler Stalin or Mussolini?

In my opinion: Hitler, then Stalin, followed by Mussolini

Why did Stalin blame the allies?

My mom BLAMED the Allies! :)

How did Stalin help allies defeat Hitler?

Once Hitler broke the treaty with Stalin, the Germans invaded Russia. Russian forces, with the help from Russia's terrible winter weather, eventually drove the Germans back, with great loss of life on both sides.