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Yes. They had signed a treaty. However they did very little to act in concert with one another during the war. Each country had different goals that did not mesh well enough to force them both to come together in formulating a combined strategy.

They were referred to as the Axis Powers.
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Q: Were Japan and Germany allies in World War 2?
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Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

Did Japan have allies in World War 2?

Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.

Was japan allies with germany in World War 2?


Who are allies of Japan?

In World War II it was Germany and Italy.

Who was allies with Germany during World War 1?


In what year did japan surrender to germany in world war 2?

Japan did not surrender to Germany in WW 2. Japan and Germany were both waging war on the US and the Allies of the US. Japan surrendered to the Allies on 15 August 1945.

Who were Bulgaria's allies in World War 2?

Germany, Italy, Japan

Who were Austrias allies in World War 2?

Germany and Italy, Japan

Japan and Germany were considered what in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2; together with Italy they formed the Axis powers

Did Germany and Italy become allies with Japan before or after World War 2?

It depends on how you look at it. Germany and Italy were already allied with each other and fighting in the war when they were joined by Japan, although Japan waited until late '41 to take an active role in the war. After the war, Italy, Japan, and West Germany became allies against East Germany, but they had little choice in this matter. Japan and Italy were also allies in World War 1, but against Germany then.

Who opposed allies during World War 2?

Germany, japan and Italy

Who are the Enemies to the allies in World War 2?

Germany, Italy, Japan and Hungary/Austria.

What were all of the allies in world war 2?

they waz Germany , Italy , France and japan.

Who became allies of Germany in World War II?

Most significantly, Japan and Italy.

Who was the US enemies with that was allies with the US in world war 2?

Germany, Italy, Japan

When did Germany become allies with japan in World War 2?

In September 1940 Japan allied with Germany and Italy through the Tripartite Pact

What side was Japan on in World War 2?

If your talking about the second world war...then Japan was a part of the axis of evil which also included Germany and Italy.....hope that helpsGermany and Japan were allies and on the same side.

Why did japan invade germany?

Japan didn't invade Germany. During World War II, Japan actually joined Germany. It was part of the Axis which included Germany, Italy and Japan. After the United States declared war on Japan, Italy and Germany, as Japan's allies, declared war on the United States.

The axis and the allies in world war 2?

Allies - USA, UK USSR and France Axis - Germany, Italy and Japan

What was the allies about in World War 2?

The Allies, being the Soviets, the british, and the U.S mainly were a focused on defeating Germany & japan

Who did the Allies want to defeat in World War 2?

The Allies were on the opposing side of the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan.)

Who suported Germany support in world war 2?

If you mean who Germany's allies were. Japan, Austria, and spain were their biggest allies.

Who allied with hitler in World War 2?

Italy and Japan both became allies with Hitler's Germany in World War 2

What were the enemies and allies of England in world war 2?

Japan, Germany abd all the axis.

Who were Germany Allies during World War 2?

Italy, Japan, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.