Were The Indo-Europeans known as Aryans?

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No. Only to the Nazis are they the same.

Who are the indo-aryans?

The usual term is Indo-European or just Aryan and it refers to all those languages (not ethnicity) sharing a common ancestry. These include the Germanic (such as English), Cel

What are the indo-aryans?

Indo-Aryan is an ethno-linguistic term referring to the wide collection of peoples united as native speakers of the Indo-Aryan branch of the family of Indo-European languages.

What was the language of the Indo-Aryans called?

The language of the Aryans is debated as it has not been deciphered from the texts of the Indus civilization /Harrapan civilization .Sanskrit has affinity to Greek,Latin & oth

In which country Indo - Aryans live?

Indo-Aryan people, live mostly in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent. This incliudes the modern day countries of India, Pakistan, Bengladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. I don't
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Are Americans are related to indo aryans?

i dont know l've been trying to find if they are. but the good news is..... english came from indo aryans.
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Which race do Indo-Aryan belong to?

"Race" is such a flexible term. Some people think of there being three races (African, Asian, European) other four or five, still others as many as they need, ("Jewish race,"
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Why are Indo-Aryans trying to stop you?

Please clarify. It isn't clear who exactly is trying supposedly trying to stop whom, and to stop doing what exactly.