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Yes, for they encountered poison ivy, a very common American plant.

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Q: Were any of the plants Lewis and clark encounter poisenous?
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Where did Lewis and clark encounter the shoshone tribe?


Who did Lewis and Clark encounter on there trip?

No, they stared the trip together

What disease did Lewis and Clark encounter on their expedition?

small pox

What kind of landforms did Lewis and Clark encounter?

rivers mountains...

When did Lewis and Clark encounter the Teton Sioux natives?

September 1804.

What kind of geographical features did Lewis and Clark encounter?

rocky mountains

What did Lewis and Clark discover?

By the end of the expedition, Lewis and Clark found and categorized 122 new animals and 90000000000plants, mapped the geography, and achieved friendlier relations with the natives. However, they did not find an all water route to the Pacific Ocean. You Gay a'fList of plants discovered: Whatplant life did Lewis and Clark find on their expeditionList of animals discovered: Whatanimal life did Lewis and Clark encounter during their expedition

What plants and animals did Lewis and clark find?


What landforms did Lewis and Clark encounter?

The Montana river, the Missouri River, Rocky Mountains

Were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark brothers?

No they were not, they were only friends. If you happen to encounter the name "Meriwether Lewis Clark" this is the name of one of William Clark's sons. William Clark and Merwether Lewis had a deep friendship and it's no wonder that William Clark named one of his sons after his dear friend.

When did lewis and clark encounter the Missouri indians?

they encountered the Missouri Indians on August 3rd 1804.

Who documented animals and plants in the old days?

Lewis and Clark

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