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If you have a 1.9 liter engine: If you look down at the belt area, you will see a pully toward the front of the car that looks like it's attached to an arm. That is the tensioner pully. The tensioner is spring loaded. If you look at the arm of the tensioner there should be a square hole in it to insert a socket wrench or a breaker bar/pull handle to use as a lever to remove the tension from the belt. If there is no hle, then use a wrench(possibly 15mm) on the bolt head of the pully itself as your lever. As you hold the tensioner out of the way, unloop the old belt. Pay attention to the routing, so you can reinstall the new one correctly. Then, you route the new one in and again use your lever to move the tensioner so you can get the belt over the last pully. I usually put it over the alternator last. Use a light to make sure the belt is fully on all 5 grooves of every single pulley before you start the car.

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Q: Were can I get diagram to install the serpentine belt for a 1999 Ford Escort?
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Where can you find a diagram of the serpentine belt for a 1999 Ford Escort 2.0?

There is usually a diagram on the radiator support. Otherwise a manual for your car will have a diagram in it.

Where do you get a diagram for the serpentine belt on a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

Go to, there will be detailed instructions. On the left hand collum, click Pully Diagram.

How does Serpentine belt 1999 Escort diagram look?

Go to your auto parts store, they will show you in 10 minutes or less.

Where can you find a diagram for serpentine belt assembly on 1999 Chevy Silverado?

The 1999 Chevrolet Silverado serpentine belt assembly diagram can be obtained from most Chevrolet dealerships. The diagram is usually provided when you purchase the serpentine belt.

Where can you find a free serpentine belt diagram for 1999 escort zx2?

Hi are you wondering how to put it back on after removal? If so mine has been replaced twice so far and the last time i had bought the serpentine belt the diagram was on the packaging of the new belt if it is of any help?

Where is a Serpentine belt diagram for a 1999 Ford Escort Sprint?

we could not find it for all the hours we spent looking on the Internt for the answer. It took 10 minutes to get it at the auto parts store.

Engine diagram for a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

The engine diagram for the 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 can be found in the owner's manual for the car. You can also find the engine diagram online at Owner.Ford.Com or on the Do It Yourself website.

How do you install a Speedometer Sensor on a 1999 Ford Escort?


Could you give me a serpentine belt diagram for a 1999 jeep Cherokee sport?

You can obtain a serpentine belt diagram have most Chrysler/Jeep dealerships. The serpentine belt diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

What is the serpentine belt pattern for a 1999 Acura slx?

A serpentine belt pattern, for your 1999 Acura, can be obtained from most auto-parts stores. When you purchase. The serpentine belt. Ask for a diagram.

Diagram for serpentine on 99 cavalier 2.2?

I need a routing diagram for a serpentine built on a 1999 cavalier 2.2 engine with air codition

Is there a diagram of 1999 jeep wrangler serpentine belt?

There should be a diagram under the hood near the front.

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 drive belt diagram?

belt answer

How To Find a Serpentine Belt Diagram For 1999 Chevy Prism?

Click the link.

How do I find a serpentine belt diagram for a 1999 Chrysler LHS serpentine belt?

Hayes or Chilton's manual. Buy or find at your local library.

Where do you find a diagram for the serpentine belt on a 1999 escort ZX2?

excuse the poor drawing never claimed to be an artist but this is the routing for a 9 pulley system

How do you find a belt diagram on a Geo Metro?

how do you wrap the serpentine belts around on the 1999 geo metro

Where can I find a Free wiring diagram for 1999 escort zx2?

Check your local library for service manuals

A picture of the layout of the serpentine belt for a 1999 ford crown Victoria?

Is there not a diagram at the front of the engine compartment that shows how the serpentine belt is routed ( my 1995 Ford Explorer has that )

Where can you find a fuse diagram and what each fuse controls in a 1999 Ford Escort? has alot of helpful info

Where can a diagram for serpentine belt be found for s 1999 Chevy Malibu?

plastic shield right in front of the water pump.

How to install a serpentine belt for a 1999 Oldsmobile cutlass?

First, find a diagram of the correct routing around the pulleys for your car. There may be one on a sticker under the hood somewhere; if not you may find one online, or just draw a diagram of the old one before you remove it. On a serpentine belt system, there is one pulley that tensions the belt. Relieve the tension on this pulley, and remove the old belt. Install the new one, carefully following your diagram. Make sure that you get the grooved side of the belt on the ribs of the ribbed pulleys correctly; you don't want it over the edge of the pulley.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1999 3.0L ford ranger?

Make a diagram of all the pulleys and draw the belt in. Locate the belt tensionor. Loosen it. Slide belt off of the pulleys. Look at your diagram and install the new belt. Tighten tensionor. There should be little play in the belt after being installed on the pulleys.

A serpentine belt routing diagram for 1999 olds Intrigue 3.5 engine where can you get one now?

My husband and my brother in law need a diagram so they can get my car done. please thank you

How do you route a serpentine belt for a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

This should help just fine