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Q: Were can you get the keyboard notes for 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?
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What are the keyboard notes for bohemian rhapsody?

YouTube can be a very good way to learn the chords to Queen's 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody on piano and there are also websites specifically created to teach people the chords. You can also use Google Images to search for piano music.

When was Bohemian Rhapsody created?

Bohemian Rhapsody was created on 1975-10-31.

How tall is bohemian rhapsody?

Bohemian Rhapsody is a song - you don't measure height for songs.

What is the length of Bohemian Rhapsody by queen?

Bohemian Rhapsody is 6:04 minutes long.

When did queen sing bohemian rhapsody?

"Bohemian Rhapsody" was a song on Queen's 1975 album, "A Night At The Opera."

Who was the piano player in Bohemian Rhapsody?

Freddy Mercury played a Bechstein "concert grand" piano in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Who had hits with both bohemian rhapsody and stairway to heaven?

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven

What queen album was bohemian rhapsody on?

Bohemian Rhapsody was released in the album A Night at the Opera in 1975, which is a reference to the Marx Brothers film of the same name.

Can you use rhapsody in a sentence?

yeah.... like: i like the song bohemian rhapsody.

The Title is not in the song?

Bohemian Rhapsody

In which year was bohemian rhapsody a hit?

Bohemian Rhapsody was a hit twice; in 1975 when it was released as a single and in 1992 when it was re-released on the event of Freddie Mercury's death.

What year was bohemian rhapsody made in?


Who sang bohemian rhapsody in 1975?


Who wrote bohemian rhapsody?

Freddie Mercury

What year did bohemian rhapsody come out?


When did Bohemian rhapsody come out?

early 1976

How many sales was bohemian rhapsody?


What is the fourth song of queen?

Bohemian Rhapsody

What is Queen's famous song?

Bohemian Rhapsody

What does the song bohemian rhapsody?

Queen sings it

When was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen released?


Is bohemian rhapsody a theatre play?

There is a thetre play based around Queen's greatest hits but it is called We will Rock you. Within this bohemian rhapsody is used as the closing song after the bows.

Is it true that all songs have their title in them?

No it is not. There are many songs that do not have their title in them. Take for example, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Nowhere in the song do they sing either "bohemian" or "rhapsody."

What are the most popular songs Queen sang?

Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Don't Stop Me Now &It's a Kind of Magic But Bohemian Rhapsody is their most famous by far.

What is the theme song of 'The Weakest Link'?

Bohemian Rhapsody