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Q: Were do violets commonly grow
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Where and when to grow African violets?

You can grow African violets anytime of the year. African violets grow best inside the house in a well lighted (no direct sun).

Where do wild violets grow?

Wild violets grow well in full to partial shade. They will spread nicely.

Where do sweet violets grow?

Sweet violets are different from African violets. Sweet violets grow well outside in warm and humid weather. They grow in California as my Mother In Law grows them in her front yard. She used to live in Kansas and she brought some with her when she moved to California.

Do African violets have flowers?

Yes, indeed they do. African violets have beautiful flowers, they grow in many colors.

How do you grow African violets to show them?

If you think you would like to grow and show African violets go to this web site to get started, please view the related link below.

Where do violets grow in the US?

There are African violets which are houseplants, these can be found at a nursery, online, hardware stores, you wouldn't find them growing in the wild in the US, it's not the proper climate. There are wild violets that grow outside and can be found in some nurserys and sometimes they grow on hills if naturally protected by trees or shrubs. They are pretty hardy.

What are the steps to grow African Violets?

Please go click on the related link for the informatiion you need about growing African violets.

When do wild violets grow?

They first bloom in the spring.

Can you grow your African violet outside?

No, African violets thrive better indoors because of possibilities of insect infestation and they are sensitive to extreme weather changes. There are some outdoors violets but these are not African violets. They produce small purple blossoms, these are wild violets.

Which plants grow best in acid soil?

African Violets grow great in acidic soil

Are African violets endangered?

No, African violets are not endangered, many hobbyists grow them and show them. However, most of the African violets grown by hobbyists are hybrids. On another hand, some subspecies of the Saintpaulia species (the African violets as they were discovered in the nature) are endangered.

How deep do wild violets grow in the ground?

Frekin deep!

How much sun do dogtooth violets need?

They prefer to grow in the shade, under trees.

What time of the year do African violets grow?

They will grow all year if cultivated properly. African violets grow very well under a fluorescent light. Some hybrids will flower three or fours times a year while others will only bloom once a year.

What is the amount of sunlight needed to grow African violets?

African violets do not like direct sunlight because the leaves will be burned and unsightly spots will appear. They do need good light from the north or east window. They require 8 to 10 hours a day to bloom well. You can also grow violets using flourescent lighting. Give enough water to keep violets moist (not soaking wet) all the time.

What time of year do African violets usually grow most?

African violets can be grown all year round in the house using flourescent lights or a North window.

What are the example of plants that grow from leaves?

kata-kataka, begonia, african violets

How tall do common meadow violets grow?

About 6 to 10 inches tall.

Do African violets grow in acid soil?

Yes, African violets like acid soil, some people mix coffee grounds in around the soil to keep it acidic.

How do you circumpose and plant a 25 foot African violet tree?

African violets can't grow 25 feet tall. Giant African violets are 12-16 inches.

Can you grow your African violets in an aquarium atmosphere?

Yes, you can grow African violets in an aquarium or like atmosphere. Especially the trailing and miniature varieties. They love the humidity. They sort of take care of themselves in there. The African violets would need repoting every six months or so and would need fertilizing everytime you water which would be sparingly.

Examples of plants that grow from bulbs?

katakataka, begonias, african violets, streptocarps, bryophyllum

How tall do violets usually grow?

a NORMAL violet normally grows to about 00.2 millimeters

Why are the violets described as 'nodding' in the famous passage 'Where oxlips and the nodding violets' From Midsummer night's dream?

The flowers of violets look a little like little faces, and grow on relatively thin stems, so when the wind blows they sway with the wind and look like nodding faces.

What types of leaves are hairy?

African violets have "hairy" leaves and so does a plant commonly called Lambs Ear.