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Were do white lions live?

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White Lions live in Southern Africa.

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white lions can live in the wild but they can also live in zoo's. if white lions live in the wild they can be in dens they may live by the river or lakes, or they could live by the forest to catch prey.

White lions do indeed live in Africa.

White Lions live in Southern Africa near plains or savannas as their, white lions live in the South African plains they do NOT live in forests :p

White lions live in South Africain the wild where all the other animals live in all around the earth

white lions live in Africa like normal lionsWhite lions are very rare and most die if lived in the wild due to people hunting them for their pelts. White lions are only found in captivity due to this.

They can get up to 0 yearsWhite lions like all other lions can live up to 14 years in the wild. Lions who are kept in zoos can live up to 20 years.

White Lions live in the savannas and plains of Southern Africa.

There are no lions found in the rainforest.

White lions are not naturally occuring in South America. Lions come from Africa and Asia.

From reaserch none of the lion that live in india are white

White lions are just regular lions that, for a strange reason, were born white instead of the usual tawny color of a lion. Like all lions, white lions live entirely on meat, which means that they're carnivores, not herbivores.

There's only a few in the wild, but they live in Kruger National Park. Most white lions are selectively inbred for their white fur and used to make money.

Because they do not live anywhere else.

A white lion is the same as a tawny African lion but afflicted with a rare genetic mutation. They are mostly commonly seen in the Timbavati Game Reserve in South Africa. White lions in the wild commonly live in the prides with the other lions.

yes they live in south Africa

White lions are basically lions that are white. They are very rare.

really it was around 1000

white lions are not as agresive as normal lions

* *Lions live, on average, 10-14 years in the wild. In captivity, they can live to be older than 25 years of age.15

yes lions live in the safari

The White Lions was created in 1981.

White lions are not a seperate species from regualr lions, so if lions are endangered, so are white lions. White lions are only a few in the wild, it's a genetic hiccup that would prevent them from surviving in the wild. Most white lions are bred in captivity.

White lions are just like regular lions. The only thing about them that is different is their genetic mutation or their genes which is why they are white.

What type of climate do lions live in? What type of climate do lions live in?

Lions don't live in jungles. Lions live in grasslands, savannahs.

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