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Were napalm bombs used in the Vietnam War?

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Napalm was used in the Vietnam War.

Operation Rolling Thunder was backed up by the phosphorous and napalm bombs

It caused a great deal suffering in Vietnam giving many innocent civilians dreadful burns.

Also, during the Tet Offensive Napalm was used in Khe Sahn in Operation Niagra to try to stop the offensive of the NVA on the military compound.

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What was used to kill people in the Vietnam war?

Napalm bombs were used in the Vietnam War and killed a lot of people.

What illegal war acts did the US and Vietnam do in the Vietnam war?

The US tested napalm, bombs and chemical weapons on the Vietnam civilians.

Where was napalm used in the Vietnam war?

USN riverine battleships (Monitors) dispersed (shot) napalm from their vessels turrets along the rivers in South Vietnam. USN, USMC, USAF jets dropped napalm (incendiary) bombs all over South Vietnam.

What bomb was used in the Vietnam war?


What type of WMD was used by the US in the Vietnam war?


Are napalm bombs still being used today?

The actual type of napalm used during the Vietnam War is not being used. A derivative is currently within the US inventory; and can be deployed in accordance with the guidelines placed upon it by the UN Convention of 1980.

What types of bombs were used during the Vietnam war?

Disconting napalm; 250 lb, 500 lb, 750 lb, and 1,000 lb general purpose HE.

How many people did napalm kill?

Historians prefer to use the term INCENDIARY devices or INCENDIARY bombs; Especially when referring to WW2 in Europe. Napalm bombs/devices are INCENDIARY bombs, but contain another category of chemicals in them such as "Naphthenic & Palmitic" chemicals. During WW2, cities such as Dresden and Tokyo were struck heavily with INCENDIARY devices. Casualty figures are not reliable, but are documented for those cities. Data is also available for the Korean War (1950-1953). Due to the sensitivity of the Vietnam War, casualty figures on the INCENDIARY bombs used in the Vietnam War, commonly referred to as "Napalm Bombs", are not commonly available.

What is napalm and how was it used in the Vietnam war?

Napalm is an incendiary and it was used to reduce the amount of coverage the Viet Cong had when employing guerrilla tactics in battle.

Two chemical weapons used in Vietnam war?

napalm and agent orange

How was the use of napalm part of the larger American strategy to win the war in Vietnam?

Napalm was Used in the increased American air strikes on communist forces throughout Vietnam.

Why was napalm used in Vietnam war?

napalm was used in Vietnam because Vietnam's forests were thick and would not burn with regular fire. cutting down forests would take months on end. the solution..the military killed viet cong and there forests with napalm.

How did napalm bombs contribute to the Vietnam war?

Just another form of munitions. Fire bombs have been used since ancient times, they are NOT new. One of the most famous cases of fire weapons being used was the bombing of Dresden, which was firebombed during WWII.

Was napalm used in the Korean War?

Napalm, (a jellied gasoline air dropped bomb that sticks to objects and people and burns them), was used in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.

Why did US stop using napalm in the Vietnam war?

The US used it until total departure; the RVN used it until the end of the war.

Did B-52 drop napalm in Vietnam?

Yes, B-52's did drop Napalm and other incendiary weapons during the Vietnam War.

What was napalm used for in the Vietnam war?

Napalm was used by the US army because the Vietcong( North Vietnam) used guerrilla tactics and there jungles were so think the us army had to find a way throw with out getting attack from surprise. The napalm is a jelly based atomic bomb that set the jungle on fire. napalm was not the only thing they used they also use agent orange witch was a pesticide that killed the plants.

How many deaths were there in the Vietnam War due to the napalm bomb?

Recommend researching: Statistics About the Vietnam War-Recommended by the History Channel.

What did the bombs contained that caused fires in Tokyo during world war 2?

It is called napalm.

Why was helicopter gunships used as a us tactic in the Vietnam war?

to fly and throw bombs

Why were napalm bombs used in the Vietnam war?

Burns the enemy out of hard to dislodge positions (such as bunkers). Flame throwers (naplam type weapons) were also used against the Germans & Japanese during WWII. And, Germans/Japanese/and the North Vietnamese Army also deployed flame throwing weapons against the allies during WWII and Vietnam.

Why was napalm used during the Vietnam war?

To Flush out enemy soldiers and destroy the jungle. They would also do it villiages that where free fire zones

What were the Technological innovations of the Vietnam war?

agent orange, napalm, and medical helicopters. (to name a few)

What are the tactics of the vietcom war?

The object of the vietnam war were to kill lots of people in the quickest way possible. I mean napalm was the most effective thing we used. I love napalm:D

Why did all these people die in the Vietnam war?