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Were the 1920's a good time for all Americans?

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The 1920's were generally a good time- women began to dress more freely, with lower hemlines (about to the knees at lowest)and the right to drink, smoke, and wear make-up. The 20's were also know as the "Roaring Twenties", and gave way to Jazz Music over classical music. It was only in the 30's that things became bad when the Great Depression struck. Most of the time in the Twneties were filled with dancing to the Charleston and flappers.

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Why were the 1920s a difficult time for many farmers in the US?

Same reason the 1920s were difficult for all Americans. Alcohol was illegal. ;)

What was a good name for a music column in the 1920s?

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Who did not share in the prosperity of the 1920?

Rural areas did not benefit - the boom was 'city-based'. At least half of all Americans did not benefit from the 1920s economic boom. Whilst some Americans.

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Why did people especially women have more free time in the 1920s?

People, especially women had more free time in the 1920s because of all the new electric appliances to do half of the work they had to do before.

The 1920s where called the time of what?

The 1920's were referred to as the "roarin' twenties" if that helps at all...

What was dance like in the 1920s?

Dance in 1920s was very pupular and people like to dance and have fun so that means dance was so wounderful in the 1920s because you see people dancing all the time wherever they.

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What was Harlem known for in the 1920s?

Harlem was a place for all African Americans to share their culture through music, art and literature. That's why it's called the Harlem Renaissance. African Americans shared their heritage freely, and for once, it was accepted.

Why were Americans so delighted by movies in the 1920's?

Americans in the 1920s were enamored by movies because it gave them an escape from everyday life. They were a great social equalizer that allowed all classes of people to imagine a different and exciting life.

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Who was president during the 1920s time of the flappers?

Calvin Coolidge was the president during most, if not all, of the flapper era, aka the roaring twenties.

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How was life in the 1920s?

Life in the 1920s in America was a time of luxaries and new things. With products like cars, the motion picture, and home products (vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc.) It was a time of technology and change. Urban life exploded, and many immigrants, mostly African Americans, and Victor Nugyen traveled up from the south for job oppurtunities in the big cities. This all lasted until 1929, when the stock marketcrashed and The Great Depression began.and it was so much fun in the 20s

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