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The American answer at the time was "no" because it shortened the war, a war which they had not started, thus saving many lives. But many would say "yes" because:

1) Horrendous civilian suffering resulted from it.
2) It put, and puts to this day, America in an invidious position as the only country in the world to have deliberately inflicted atomic weapons on their fellow human beings. This is not good news for America at a time when its reputation internationally is already, for many people, that of a murderous and unscrupulous bully.

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Who set of the atomic bomb in Japan?

the americans

How did the Americans drop the atomic bomb on japan?

They used bomber planes.

Why did the Americans throw the nuclear bomb on Japan?

because japan refused to surrender so the Americans thought they could make japan surrender by dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Why did they drop the atomic bomb in the world war 2?

They dropped the atomic bomb in WWII, because America wanted to defeat Japan. Japan surrendered, leaving the Americans victorious

Why did the Americans drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

To end World War II.

Was it justified to drop an atomic bomb on japan?

No, it was not justified to drop an atomic bomb on Japan

Why was it wrong for the Americans drop the atomic bomb on japan?

It wasn't exactly wrong to drop the atomic bomb an Japan because it ended the war that had been going on for a long time before the dropping. It was regrettable that so many Japanese lives were lost, but it was for a reasonably good cause: to end the war. Formal enuf 4 ya?

Would the allies defeat japan without the atomic bomb?

The Americans were ready to invade Japan when the bomb was used, and it was used to "save American lives."

Why did the atomic bomb go off in japan?

because the Americans dropped it there to end the war

Why was it wrong to drop the atomic bomb on japan?

Most people don't think so.

How did the atomic bomb result in japan?

It didn't. Japan existed long before the atomic bomb

Why did the Americans hit japan not Germany?

The Americans attacked both countries during the War. In regards to the atomic bomb; the German government was defeated before the bomb was finished being made. Japan refused to surrender, so the bomb was dropped.

Were Americans supportive of atomic bomb?

Yes because the did the bomb, and stopped the war during world war II.In Japan over thousands of people were killed, and the city was destroyed.So the Americans did there wish, and stopped the war with the atomic bomb in 1945.

Where did the Atomic bomb hit in Japan?

in japan

Who did the US bomb with the atomic bomb?

The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan ; another on Nagasaki, Japan, 3 days later.

Who approved the dropping of an atomic bomb on japan?

Harry s. truman approved the dropping of an atomic bomb on japan.

In Which city in Japan was the first atomic bomb dropped?

The city in Japan where the first atomic bomb was dropped was Hiroshima.

When did the US Use atomic bomb on japan?

The US dropped the atomic bomb onto Japan on August 1945.

Why did US drop atomic on japan in World War 2?

the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on japan to save millions of American lives that would have been lost in the invasion of mainland japan

Was president Truman right in using the atomic bomb against japan?

Most Americans thinks so.

Who ended the war of World War 2?

The Americans when they made Japan surrender by dropping the Atomic Bomb

What type of bomb was drop on japan?

atomic bomb

Did Japan agree to unconditional surrender prior to atomic bomb drop?

Japan had started the war by declaring peace to the Americans then bombing them despite their announcement of peace. They did not surrender nor did they have any intentions of surrenduring prior to the atomic bomb.

When was the second atomic bomb dropped on japan?

The second use of the atomic bomb was at Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945.

Did anyone even negotiate with japan about the atomic bomb?

Japan was negotiatin with the Soviet Union as the first atomic bomb was dropped.