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Standing on its own, the holocaust enriched the German Third Reich, because the Nazi government not only murdered 6 million Jews and another 5 million others in addition (political opponents, mentally ill or disabled, gypsies, slavs, and homosexuals), but also stole the property and wealth of the murdered people. The surviving German people gained the economic benefit of using the houses, automobiles, furniture, jewelry, clothing and other items stolen from the murder victims. The German economy suddenly had more housing and more consumer goods to spread around, having ruthlessly murdered the previous owners. The government confiscated the wealth (money) of the murder victims, even taking the gold fillings out of their teeth and melting down the wedding rings. Hitler's claim to having improved Germany's economy must be understood in terms of how Hitler achieved it: By stealing it from 11 million murder victims, as well as by looting neighboring countries. The Nazi economy was a "Ponzi scheme" or pyramid scheme. It could only be sustained by continually conquering more neighbors and stealing their wealth. However, other things took place as well. Hitler starting World War II was an enormous gamble. Especially the invasion of the Soviet Union was a huge gamble. Ultimately, those gambles failed. The War destroyed the German economy, along with the economy of most of Europe. The Holocaust ended in 1945 -- by which time it is well known that Germany had been thoroughly defeated by the Soviet Union and the United Sates, its cities, factories, railways, harbors and whathaveyou had been bombed to smithereens, it had lost large parts of territory both east and west, and had to contend with 12 million refugees. So, if the question was about the economy, in 1945 there was no German economy to speak of; in fact, the German spent the next few years basically living on charity. However, there is another side to the subject, and this is the fact the the Holocaust was perhaps the most stupid crime in History. The Nazis chased half a million German Jews out of Germany and murdered another 6 million Jews because they actually believed that the Jews wanted to destroy Germany. Yet this was pure paranoia on their part, as the German Jews were completely devoted to Germany and the absolute majority of the rest of the European Jews were actually quite fond of Germany, thinking it a cultured and civilized land (an impression reinforced among the Eastern European Jews due to the good behavior displayed by the German troops in Russin during the First World War). So in addition to material losses, the Germans also lost some of their best citizens, all their friends, and also their good name and reputation. It doesn't get more "poor" than that.