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Were the Jews responsible for both World Wars and will they be responsible for the third one?

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October 02, 2009 1:54PM

Is it any wonder the Jews feel persecuted when questions like

this are asked ?

There is no known connection between Jews and the reasons for

WW1, and as their role in WW2 is based on what Adolf Hitler was

doing in Germany, what sort of reference is he to base a balanced

opinion on ? As for WW3 who can predict the future ? But if you can

make a case for the above then I suspect you will be able to

believe anything, however fanciful and absurd. Blaming the ills of

the world on the Jewish religion is exactly what Hitler did. It is

not a belief which is tenable. (How much human misery does any

religious/racial group deserve to be held accountable for?)

In closing I would ask that anyone entering into this (perfectly

reasonable) debate should be conscious of Human Rights and the fact

that Jews have feelings too. I do tend to steer clear of Holocaust

questions because of their emotive issues, but I feel the clear

answer to this question is No & No.


This question illustrates very clearly that in some quarters

there is a whole demonology surrounding the Jews.

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