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Operation Ajax (the CIA coup which re-installed the Shah of Iran in 1953 after he had been forced out in 1951) could be considered to be part of the US goal of containment. The US and UK both feared that Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh would create an alliance with the Soviet Union since he was very amenable to Iranian Communists and their political views. As a result, the US and UK both preferred the strongly Western-aligned Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and put him in power.

Most other US policies in regards to Iran have nothing to do with containment.

Operation Ajax and other attempts by US authorities to remove Socialist-leaning leaders (such as Allende in Chile or Sihanouk in Cambodia) were part of containment. The policy was negative, not only for the citizens whose governments were overthrown and usually subjected to numerous human rights abuses post-replacement, but also for the US which alienated those countries' populations in the long-term and was unable to seriously halt the growth of communism.

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Q: Were the United States foreign policies in Iran consistent with its stated goal of containment?
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