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usually every time people make a movie with signing in it they do the signing earlier in a recording both and than they lip sync in the movie. The signing was probably their original voices but sometimes they do chance their voices so they sound better. I haven't seen the movie though I'm above the age of three so i have no interest in seeing it (its basically a kids version of the movie mall rats which is really good.)

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Where do the actors go when they record their voices for a DreamWorks animated movie?

The actors go into a studio and record their voices for a Dreamworks animated movie.

Did the movie actors in Harry Potter movies copy the voices from the books on audio?


Who played Garrett in Quest for Camelot the movie?

There are two voices of garrett.The voice is Cary Ewles.The singing voice is Bryan White.

Who is voices are in the Disney movie frozen?

Who's voices are in the Disney movie

What actress was Dory in Finding Nemo?

Ellen DeGeneres The Movie Finding Nemo, what actors and actresses used their voices in the movie?

How do you make a funny movie spoof?

you get a software a story and charectars actors for voices and then when you are done filming the movie with a camera you put it on youtube.

Who voices hogsqeal in spiderwick chronicles?

Seth Rogen. If you need anymore questions on films about actors or voices, go to "Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Its all about films.

Name three actors who did the voices for the movie shrek?

Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy

Are the acrtors in the movie country strong really singing?

Yes, on songs such as "Silver Wings", "Give In to me" and "Summer Girl" The actors/actresses are literally singing. Gwyneth Paltrow is also singing a few songs in the movie, such as "Country Strong" and "A Fighter".

Did the actors from the Phantom of the opera movie sing as well?

Yes, the actors have been chosen by both their singing and acting talents.

There was a family dinner scene where an old lady was singing I got rhythm and everyone else was ignoring her what movie was that?

the movie is an american in peris

List of actors who did voices for bee Movie.?

Jerry Sienfeild, Renne Somebody, and a whole lot more! Watch the movie, you'll get better results

Who voices Coraline in the animated movie?

Dakota Fanning voices Coraline

How long does it take for voice actors to record voices for animated movies?

The amount of time it takes for voice actors to record voices for animated movies depends on how many lines they have to record. It often takes several months for the whole movie to be recorded.

What were the names of the 2 actors whose voices were used in Toy Story?

The movie had a lot of voices. Woody was Tom Hank. Buzz Lightyear was Tim Allen Mr. Potato Head was John Ratzenberger

What are the voices on the amityville horror?

I assume you are asking about the disembodied voices heard in the movie. They are the presumed voices of the dead; ghosts, or demons.

What was the movie called with the song singing in the rain?

Singing in the rain is what the movie was called SMART ONE!

Who where all the voice cast in the movie The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

The 2005 fantasy movie included the voices of actors Liam Neeson, Ray Winstone, Dawn French and Rupert Everett.

Was there a movie called Voices?

Yes 9 of them

What actors and actresses appeared in American Made Movie - 2013?

The cast of American Made Movie - 2013 includes: Bill Crump as himself

Did the actors do the singing in the movie Almost Famous?

Yes, actually they sang and played instruments all by themself, as said on the commentary to the film.

What actors and actresses appeared in The LEGO Movie Videogame - 2014?

The cast of The LEGO Movie Videogame - 2014 includes: Orion Acaba as Additional Voices Will Arnett as Batman James Arnold Taylor as Additional Voices David Boat as Additional Voices Alison Brie as Unikitty Robert Clotworthy as Additional Voices Jessica DiCicco as Additional Voices Ben Diskin as Additional Voices Will Ferrell as Lord Business Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius Bob Joles as Additional Voices Jonathan Lipow as Additional Voices Yuri Lowenthal as Additional Voices Vanessa Marshall as Additional Voices Jim Meskimen as Additional Voices Suzanne Nichole Preston as Additional Voices Travis Oates as Additional Voices Nick Offerman as Metal Beard Wendy Patterson as Additional Voices Bradley Pierce as Additional Voices Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowoski Sam Riegel as Additional Voices Josh Robert Thompson as Additional Voices Michelle Ruff as Additional Voices Kristen Rutherford as Additional Voices Eliza Schneider as Additional Voices Stephanie Sheh as Additional Voices Mark Silverman as Additional Voices Keith Silverstein as Additional Voices Michael Sinterniklaas as Additional Voices Hynden Walch as Additional Voices Audrey Wasilewski as Additional Voices Rebecca Wink as Additional Voices

Who sings you are singing in the rain?

Gene Kelly sings: I'm Singing in the Rain, in the 1952 movie: Singing in the Rain.

Who voices Kevin in movie up?

Pete Docter

Who were the voices for the four main characters in the movie Shrek?