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Were the founding fathers intentions for the writing of the Constitution truly to build a strong government or simply to strengthen their already rich lifestyles?


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Cover upEveryone has a position and a goal in life. We must remember that in order to achieve that goal one must change their position to suit the times. This is what the founders may have done.

Actually, i believe the answer is both. While everyone has a position and/or goal they are all trying to achieve, i believe that, since these people risked their lives to forge this new country, they saw that America at the time was in trouble under the Articles of Confederation. I also believe that they felt that while doing this would possibly help them, they also saw it as their duty to fix what they started in the first place. But yes, they never intended for power to reach the hands of average citizens. James Madison said, "those who own the country, should run it". So as i said, i believe the answer is both.


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The Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution has been used to strengthen the power of the national government. It is also known as the Elastic Clause.

The Constitution was created to strengthen the government.

strengthened by listing all their natural rights and making an equal government.

to strengthen the national government by creating a new plan of government

The purpose of the Constitution was to limit the national government by specifically enumerating the powers it had, leaving the power in the hands of the American people and the individual states.

amendments to the constitution that would strengthen New England's political power

Article VI of the Constitution allowed the new federal government assumed the financial obligations of the old government, established the supremacy clause as the most important guarantor of national union, and required state and federal officials to take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

The most basic purpose at the time for writing the US Constitution was to replace the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was also written to protect the rights of the people, and to simultaneously strengthen and limit the power of the federal government.

To strengthen the new nation.

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Hamilton was a Federalist, so he wanted to strengthen the executive branch of the national government

It was motive to draft the constitution.

The constitution strengthened the central government in several ways. For one, the supreme law of the land allocated which powers were specific to the government and the states. This, however, led to an ongoing conflict between the federal government and the states. While the states do have certain powers, they will always be superseded by federal law and interests.

To strengthen the power of the central government. The preceding Articles of the Confederation gave too much power to the states, and left too little power to the central government, as shown by Shays' Rebellion. A stronger central power was necessary, and thus the Constitution was born.

How did the Supreme Court’s ruling in McCulloch v. Maryland strengthen the federal government ?The court case known as McCulloch v. Maryland of March 6, 1819, was a seminal Supreme Court Case that affirmed the right of implied powers, that there were powers that the federal government had that were not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, but were implied by it.

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It established that the effective power of the central government superseded the ability of states to opt out of the US Constitution, which they had been signatories to. States' rights were overruled almost completely during Reconstruction in the South, and the freed slaves of the South were (temporarily) a political force in support of the federal government.

There are several steps that the United States government took to strengthen the economy. They ensured that millions of people were working by creating many industries across the country.

to strengthen the national government by creating a new plan of government

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