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Were the reasons for American entry into World War 1 ethically defensible?

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Because we our selves were willing to fight willing to jump in and save the day...

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Q: Were the reasons for American entry into World War 1 ethically defensible?
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What are the reasons world war 2 is worth fighting?

freedom, and safety for the American People.

What was different about ww1 and World War 2?

Technology , reasons for war, presidents, american feeling about the war, american involvement, eveything!

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How dids the us get involved in World War 1?

America became involved in World War I due to a variety of reasons: the sinking of the Lusitania that led to American deaths, the publishing of the Zimmermann Telegram which promised Mexico some American territory, and their closeness with the Allies in World War I.

What are the short term reasons for Germany losing world war 1?

Unrestricted submarine warfare by the Germans provoked American involvement, following American involvement other countries joined the melee.

What are reasons America got involved in World War 1?

A German U-boat sank the RMS Lusitania and ocean liner with American civilians on board.

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What are three reasons the US decided to join World War 1?

The United States decided to enter World War I for various reasons, of which the following three may be considered most important: first, American public opinion had grown more favorable towards entering the war on the side of the western Allies. Second, German intrigue (especially in respect to the Americas) had become a source of great resentment and fear in America. Third, the sinking of American ships by German submarines had led to the loss of American goods and lives.

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