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Self serving? No, I would not call it self serving. Certainly the American war before WWI, with Spain, was self serving. Basically that was an imperial conquest war where the USA picked a fight with a much weaker nation in order to strip that country of colonies which were added to America's holdings. WWI was different. By 1917, the USA had been filled with lurid Propaganda stories created by, for the most part, England. Since the English controlled the shipping lanes and had secretly tapped into the cross Atlantic telegraph cables, they had total control over the war news reaching America. Not a word was shared concerning the starvation of German babies due to the English embargo. Not a sentence was reported concerning rapes and mutiliation by Russian troops. No matter how chivalrous the Germans conducted themselves in battle, it was always twisted around by the English into a war crime. Take the Lusitania incident in 1916. The USA nearly declared war over this submarine attack on an ocean liner, as many American civilians were killed. The English reports on the attack made it appear the Germans had deliberately targeted civilians, murdered them on the high seas, and were nothing short of bandits deserving no quarter. The truth was that the English had violated international law by filling the Lusitania, a civilian craft, with munitions purchased in America and bound for English troops in Europe. The Germans knew of this and had taken out large notices in several east coast American newspapers warning potential passengers to stay off the ship as it was considered a military targer. Despite doing all they humanly could to prevent a tragedy, barring letting the full load of guns and ammo get to the front, the Germans bowed to political pressure from the USA and issued an apology and paid compensation to the families of victims. Thus despite bending over backwards, the incident was played up in the news accounts as an attrocity. America was in a jigoistic mood and looking to get in a fight with somebody. The Germans were an easy target due to their tremendous success over the years in science, industry, and militarism. I consider America's invention in the First World War the most tragic political event of the twentieth century. A war which would have ended a stalemate in Western Europe was changed into a German defeat. With Germany defeated the Communists were given free rein over the eastern half of Europe. This evil spread over the next forty years to China, Serbia, and even Berlin. Instead of a stable Europe dominated by a handful of powerful states, Europe was soon reduced by subsequent conflicts to a mere stage upon which international events are played out. For this reason Wilson makes my list as one of the worst American presidents in history.

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Q: Were the reasons for American entry into World War 1 self-serving?
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