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Were the superior generals an advantage for the North at the start of the civil war?

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At the beginning of the US Civil War, it became clear that the "Southern tradition" of military leaders proved that the South had better army commanders.

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What advantage did the South enjoy over the North at the start of the Civil War?

The South had superior generals. It also had a powerful patriotism and a belief in the justice of its cause.

What was not a advantage which north enjoyed over the south at the start of the civil war?

At the beginning of the war the South had better generals than the North had.

What was one advantage the North had during the civil war?

One advantage was their superior industrial capacity, but the North also had a much larger population with which to replenish their losses.

Why did it take 4 years to win civil war?

In three words: Northern military incompetence. The Union had a few good generals, Grant most notably, but most of the Union generals were outclassed by the Confederate generals. The North held every advantage in this war except for a surplus of competent generals.

What advantage did the North lack in fighting the US Civil War?

One key advantage the North lacked was the number of generals who could serve a "general in chief " of the entire Union military. Lincoln had to appoint, then relieve far too many generals whom he appointed to take on that responsibility with success. Finally, Lincoln appointed General Grant to handle that assignment and Grant succeeded where the former generals failed.

Who was the generals of the south and north of the civil war?

the south was robert genral lee and the north was elmo

Who were two famous generals from the north and south during the civil war?

The two most famously known generals during the civil war were: South: Robert E. Lee North: Ulyess S. Grant

What was the main advantage of the North during the US Civil War?

The main advantage of the North during the US Civil War was the number of soldiers in the army.

Who were the generals of the civil war?

The major and most prominent generals in the US Civil War can be narrowed down to two generals. For the South the prominent general was Robert E. Lee. For the North it would be US Grant.

What was not a northern military advantage over the south?

in the civil the south had better generals and knew the land better

Who were the main generals in the american civil war?

Robert E. Lee for the south & Ulysses S. Grant for the north (even thought the north had a lot more generals)

During the civil war which side north or south is led from the beginning by smart able generals?

This is a matter of opinion, but the South probably had the better generals at the start of the Civil War.

Who were the most important civil war generals?

The most important Civil War generals were General Ulysses S. Grant for the North and General Robert E. Lee for the South.

Who were some famous Generals in the Civil War?

Some of the famous generals in the civil war were, Robert E. lee of the south and Ulysses S. grant of the north. But there were also many othere famous generals such as William Sherman and Stonewall jackson.

Strength and weakness of north and south during civil war?

The North had a superior population, and their army was much bigger than that of the South. Also, the North had lots of manufacturing capability, as the economy in the North was industrialized. The South had much more capable Generals than the North, and since most of the civil war was fought in the South, they knew the land better. The South couldn't make enough food and supplies for their army.

Who were the famous generals during the civil war?

Lee for the South and Grant for the North were the most famous.

What was not an advantage that the north enjoyed over the south during the civil war?

An advantage the North did not have is a "home-court advantage" which would allow for shorter supply and troop lines.

Did the North or South side have the advantage in the Civil War after it began?

The south had the mental advantage, they were fighting for something and the north was just fighting against something. The north on the other hand had the materialistic advantage, they had factories, most of the population so they had a bigger army, basically the south had the most cotton and that was it.AnswerThe north had the larger population so that played a huge role. Also, the south had better generals than the north, but the south still had few people so the generals didn't really make up for the lack of soldiers. AnswerWell, since the North won the war, obviously their advantage was greater. Michael Montagne AnswerTHE NORTH AnswerI know that one huge advantage was that the North was industrialized while the South was primarily an agricultural society. AnswerThe Southern army was spurred on by an insatiable drive to win the war. chris is cool

When was Civil War Generals II created?

Civil War Generals II was created in 1997.

When did Civil War Generals II happen?

Civil War Generals II happened in 1997.

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