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There were concentration camps inside Germany, including Ravensbr�ck, Dachau, and Bergen-Belsen. However, these were not inside major German cities.

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Q: Were there concentration camps in German cities?
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Which of the camps killed more people German or polish concentration camps?

concentration camps were German , NONE were Polish !!!

What were German concentration camps?

German concentration camps were where Jews and other people went when they were caught by the Nazis

What are the similarities and differences between American concentration camps and German extermination camps?

where were the american concentration camps ???????????

How many german concentration camps in 1933?

In 1933 their was mainly 1 known concentration camp and that is Dachau Concentration Camps.

How many people were saved from the concentration camps?

Not many. Millions of people died in German concentration camps. Only about a hundred died in concentration camps in America.

Did German concentration camps have health rules?

The German concentration camps were used to EXECUTE the Jews and the other "inferior races" so I would think that the camps did not have any health rules.

Who invented German concentration camps?


Who controlled German concentration camps?

the SS

Were German civilians aware of concentration camps crematoria by smell?

The existence and activities of concentration camps were obvious to all German civilians. No need telling by the smell.

Why didn't the German citizens do anything about the concentration camps?

because the camps were there for their protection

How many people died in the polish concentration camps?

None. There were no Polish concentration camps. Of course there were German concentration camps in occupied Poland, where several millions died, but that is another matter.

When did US know about German concentration camps?

The US did know about the concentration camps prior to Pearl Harbor, they just did nothing about it.

Why were the first concentration camps opened?

The first German concentration camps were opened to put communists and other political radicals in.

Who invented the German concentration camps?

Theodor Eicke

How many Jews were sent to concentration camps as a result of the Kristallnacht?

About 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps in the aftermath of Kristallnacht.

By the end of kristallnacht how many Jews were in concentration camps?

During the Kristallnacht and the days that followed about 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps.

Where were Jews forced to live in German controlled countries?

ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps

Where were concentrationb camps located?

Concentration camps were located throughout Germany and German controlled countries

What did the allies find as they pushed into German territory?

Concentration camps, death camps and crematorium ovens.

Is there a map which shows where the concentration camps were in Poland?

The German occupiers set-up labour, concentration and death camps in occupied Poland. The Nazi created the death camps of Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau), Chełmno, Bełżec, Majdanek, Sobibór and Treblinka. The Nazi German also created many concentration camps such as Auschwitz I.

What happened to the Jews when they were in German concentration camps?

Most were murdered.

What has the author George Zielezinski written?

George Zielezinski has written: '24 drawings from the concentration camps in Germany' -- subject(s): Concentration camps, Drawing, German, German Drawing

Who was sent to German concentration camps?

People who were sent to German concentration camps were political politicians who were Germans, common criminals who were Germans, German prostitutes, Spaniards, Soviets, Jews, etc... It was ran slight differently at times though.

Why were there punishments in concentration camps?

The only reason there were punishments in Nazi concentration camps is because the German guards enjoyed humiliating and torturing their captives to death.

When were the concentration camps started?

Concentration Camps were not a German idea. They were first used in Cuba in the 1890's by the Spanish, this was one of the causes of the Spanish-American War.