Noah's Ark

Were there dinosaurs in noah's ark?


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No. God brought animals to Noah through migration, and saw fit to bring no dinosaurs.

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There were two arks Noahs Ark and the ark of the covenant.

if he did not build the ark he and his family would drown.

Noah's Ark has never been found.

The ark came to land on mount Ararat.

Noahs Ark was made out of gopher bark.

Psalm 14:1.3 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

The largest animal on Noah's Ark was the elephant. Then the giraffe, lions, tigers, rhinos and monkeys.AnswerThe Bible does not state which animal was the largest. It is possible that dinosaurs were on the ark, but like the other animals they need not have been fully grown.

Yes, there were two of every animal on the ark. Including tigers.

The dove brought a olive branch to Noahs ark.

The resting place of the ark was mount Ararat in Turkey.

Noahs ark came to rest on mount Ararat.

This was different to Noahs ark. Here the ten commandments were kept.

The bible says that there was a raven and dove in the Ark.

The eight of Noahs family escaped the flood the rest of mankind died.

The address of the Noahs Ark Afloat is: 3082 Swansea Way, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-5348

Noahs ark settled on a hill in Turkey called Ararat.

A pair of each animal went into Noahs ark.

The bible does not say which animal went first in the ark.

The ark of the Lord is different from Noahs arc.The lords ark was carried by the priests and carried the ten commandments in it.

It was measured in cubits (about 18 inches).

He built it of gopher wood and pitch, which is like tar.

According to current evangelical biblical scholars like Ken Ham over at, Noah brought young dinosaurs on the Ark so that they would be able to fit and be easier to control. Mr. Ham then goes on to say that when the waters receded the dinosaurs went off into the world and eventually died due to climate change, and also overhunting.

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