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Were there more Loyalists or Patriots?

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At first they were even but eventually the patriots grew larger

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Were there more loyalists or patriots in the south?

there were more patriots

What were the differences between the Patriots and Loyalists?

Loyalists were a kiss up to the king and the patriots cared more about their land.

Did Americans support patriots or loyalists?

Loyalists and patriots were all Americans however, loyalists supported Brittan and patriots were all for America

What are the similarities of the Patriots and Loyalists?

the loyalists and the patriots were both dealing with the war

What did patriots and loyalists favor?

patriots favored Americans and loyalists Britains

Interaction with loyalists and patriots?

The loyalists hated the patriots because the patriots were always tarring and feathering them.

What did the patriots do to the loyalists?

the patriots were doing good . they helped the loyalists with lots of things.

Differences between patriots and loyalists?

Loyalists- loyal to king patriots- rebels

What do patriots hate loyalists?

because the patriots think that the loyalists are traitors to the colonists

Why did the patriots hate the loyalist?

patriots hated the loyalists because the loyalists were loyal to the king and the patriots wanted freedom

Why did the patriots think the loyalists were traitors?

The Patriots thought the Loyalists were traitors because they were loyal to the king and the Patriots disagreed.

Where did the loyalists go to get away from the patriots?

Loyalists went to Canada and England to have a more hospitible place to live

Where did the patriots and loyalists reside?

Patriots and loyalists resided in the American colonies. The main concentration of patriots was in the northern colonies, while the main concentration of loyalists was in the southern colonies.

Were the sons of liberty patriots or loyalists?


Who were loyalists and patriots?

Loyalists- colonists who were loyal to Britain. Patriots- colonists who wanted to be free from Britain.

What is the difference between patriots are loyalists?

loyalists are loyal to britain patriots are against the britain rule

How were the patriots better than the loyalist?

Patriots had more support from militias in the countryside, and the loyalists were few in number.

How did the patriots have more freedom than the loyalists?

they had there own battle they Had no weapons

How did many of the loyalist view the Patriots?

The loyalists don't like the patriots because the loyalists are loyal to the county and the patriots are just about opposite.

When was the war between patriots versus the loyalists?

The patriots and loyalists technically fought during the Revolutionary war. Although the war was mostly patriots vs Britain, the loyalists and patriots fought. One example Is Kings Mountain.

Why did the loyalists put up taxes for the patriots?

For more money and more money=more power!

Patriots and loyalists?

patriots lived under a free nation, loyalists lived under king george

What were the sabotages between Loyalists and Patriots?

The patriots tarred and feathered the loyalists. They also ruined loyalist houses.

How did the the patriots and loyalists get there name?

Patriots were people who were for the independence of the colonies. Loyalists were people who remained loyal to the king.

Loyalists and patriots?

Yes this is, Loyalists were people who were loyal to the King, Patriots were people who wanted freedom from the KIng

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