Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Were to get surf on Pokemon platinum?

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You get Surf from the elder of Celestic Town.

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Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.

beat the fifth gem leader than you get the Hm surf

You have to beat the Gym Trainer Wake and he will give you surf. Then you have to surf there.

Go to a body of water and click A. Choose yes to surf.

you get it from cynthia's grandma in celestic town

practically any water type. All the water starters can learn surf, palkia can too!

You have to beat the pastroria gym leader in order to get the move surf.

You cant walk on water but you can use surf. You get surf in celestic town.

all you have to do is get a pokemon who has surf,and surf around big oceans near cities.

Electrizer? Surf behind valley windwork

you have to go to Mt. Cornet and have a Pokemon that knows surf and rockclimb

First you have to have surf and waterfall. then surf from sunnyshore city and get through victory road and your there.

Yes. Goldeen can learn Surf through HM03 in all the generations.

Yes, because you need to surf from Jubliffe to Canalave.

Surskit in PokeMon Platinum appear on Route 229. It should be noted that the HM Surf is required.

behind floaroma town use surf to get there

You obtain hm03 Surf in the Celestic Town Shrine.

below solaceon town. you need surf

Surf from Jubilife city to Canalave (Left)

you need to get a move called surf. You can only give surf to a water Pokemon

I'm guessing you mean Pokemon platinum. If so, you can get Surf from the elder of Celestic Town after you defeat Cyrus in the ruins in the centre of town.

you will receive surf from the elder of celestic town and strength and defog i have forgoten where to get them