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i just received a model from a neighbor after her husband passed away. i have never seen a shotgun with a bolt action like this model before. can you help my figure out when this shotgun was manufactured. and maybe the value of it It's a Mossberg Model 80 manufactured from 1933 to 1946. Worth about $40 if it is just in working condition, $135 if it is still in factory new condition. They also have a nasty habit of having cracks behind the bolt. This is not seen unless taken apart. This is a weakness in the manufacturing process. This shotgun should not fire any shotgun shell longer than 2 and 1/2 inches. Also no magnum rounds. This is a very weak action.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-09 01:01:26
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Q: Western Field Model 15K shotgun?
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Who made western field model 15k 16 gauge?

Mossberg and sons made your Western field model 15K.The Mossberg model 80,or the model 83 both apply to your model 15K shotgun.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Western Field Model 15k?

Pre WW2 bolt action shotgun made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

What is the value of a western field 20 gauge bolt action model 15k or x?


What is the value of a Western Field Model 15K 16-gauge bolt-action full choke?

i sold mine for a hundred, but you might have better luck.

What is the value of a Western Field Model 15K 16 gauge bolt action full choke?

Its worth about 100-150 wait a few years and itll be worth more

Where can you get a firing pin for a Western field 12 gauge model 15k?

I can't find a listing for the Western Field Mod 15k. The Mod 15 is a Mossberg Mod 80, the 15A is a Mossberg 83, and the 150 is a Mossberg 183k but all of these are .410 bore, not 12 ga. Mossberg did make most of the different models sold by Western Field, so by looking through the different diagrams of appropriate Mossberg shotguns you may be able to identify the correct model. With that information, or other parts warehouses may be able to supply the correct firing pin.

How can you find out what model a Western Field 20 gauge bolt action with a 3 round clip is?

I have a Western Field 20 Gauge with a 3 round clip it is a Model 15K. I am currently re-doing this gun and am missing a few parts. Does anyone have a picture schematic of this model? The gun was built by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards. The Model 15 roughly corresponds to the Mossberg Model 80 or 85, but the K suffix on Mossberg normally indicates C-LECT-CHOKE which was not offered until much later in the 185 series. We have a considerable amount of parts for the older Mossberg bolt-action shotguns, so let us know if we can help.

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