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A frogs symbiotic relationship is with a tree. It hides itself in trees to capture food as it comes by the tree.

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Symbiotic relationships with frogs?

Yes, fly larvae are symbiotic with frogs. Frogs eat the larvae and then they exit onto a safer habitat to hatch.

What is the symbiotic relationship between a tree frog and bromeliads?

Tree frogs have a commensalism relationship with frogs. Frogs live in bromeliads, but bromeliads are not affected at all.

What are 2 feeding relationships frogs are a part of?

Sometimes they eat the meal (Insects) and sometimes they are the meal. Fish eat Frogs.

Do tarantulas eat frogs?

Some of them do. I think there is a specific species of frog and tarantula that have a symbiotic relationship. A symbiotic relationship is a pair of two different species living together in which they both benefit from the relationship. The frog gets protection, and the tarantula gets the food the frog lures in.

What is the collective noun for frogs?

The collective nouns for frogs are:an army of frogsa knot of frogsa colony of frogsa fester of frogsa bundle of frogseven a froggery of frogs

How are dart frogs different from other frogs?

No. Frogs are just frogs what's the difference?

Are frogs males only?

No, there are female frogs and male frogs.

Does monkeys eat frogs?

No. Monkeys do not eat frogs & frogs.

Do frogs eat grasshoppers?

Frogs eat grasshoppers. At least i know bull frogs and wood frogs do.

How do frogs develop into frogs?

Frogs start out as tadpoles and then they develop into jumping frogs. They start life in water.

Are frogs ampibians?

They are.

Why do frogs make noises when two frogs are together?

They're frogs.

How do you redeem a set of frogs on pocket frogs?

You have to collect the set of frogs.

How group of frogs called?

Apparently, a group of frogs is an 'army of frogs.'

How are frogs camouflaged?

the frogs can't be camouflaged because no green matches frogs. or different colours for the other frogs.

What is the difference between African Clawed frogs and regular frogs?

Basicly African clawed frogs are bigger and have tiny claws and regular frogs are just frogs i suppose.

How do you make frogs lifetime frogs on pocket frogs?

Lifetime Frogs refers to the number of frogs you have ever owned during your game time. So get lots of froggies! :)

How do male frogs attract female frogs during mating season?

male frogs will croak to attract female frogs.

What color is a tree frogs?

Tree frogs are green and red. i like frogs. :)

What are the names of the different kinds of frogs?

there are fire belly frogs,and tree frogs

What are frogs with gills called?

frogs with gills a frogs with gills are called a tadpole

Are frogs and turtles reptiles?

Turtles are reptiles but frogs aren't!Frogs are amphibian. :(

Does frogs eat dead frogs?

No, all frogs eat live animals.

Are frogs placental mammals?

No. Frogs are not mammals of any description. Frogs are amphibians.

What are fredo frogs?

fredo frogs are shaped like frogs and are made of choclate