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Insurance on an exotic sports car can be pricey. I would suggest getting your insurance from Statefarm.

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Q: Whar company will give me the best automobile insurance quote in Pa. for an exotic sports car?
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Who founded the De Tomaso automobile company?

The automobile company De Tomaso was founded by Alejandro De Tomaso in Modena, Italy in 1959. Rooted in racing sports they mainly produced sports cars.

What is a good insurance company for a Maserati?

There are many good insurance companies for luxury sports cars such as the Maserati. One specific insurance company that would be good is TD Insurance.

What are some car manufacturers that begin with the letter N?

Nissan is a major automobile manufacturing company. Noble is a United Kingdom company that manufactures sports cars.

Is there a company that offers exotic sports car rentals in Las Vegas?

There are several companies that offer luxury car rentals in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals is a very reliable company that offers this service, check their website at:

Are exotic cars considered sports cars?


What is a list of exotic sports?

Car driving

From where can one obtain sports insurance?

There are many places where one can obtain sports insurance. One can obtain sports insurance from popular on the web sources such as Saider Sports and Fantasy Sports Insurance.

What do insurance agencies see as a sports car and is a Nissan 240sx a sports car?

that iam not aware of what insurance company see as a sports car..but yes nissan 240sx is a sports car..this has been successfully raced in various motorsports race including IMSA GT series

Is a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LS considered a sports car to the insurance companies?

Every insurance company maintains its own set of underwriting guidelines. These define the metes and bounds of the risks that they will insure and under what terms. Sports car status is one of them as to auto insurance. Therefore, it is not possible to answer the question in more specific terms as to car like this. You should contact licensed insurance agents to determine the insurers that they represent and the underwriting guidelines of them. I can say without hesitation that the Chevy Cobalt is no Sports Car, not even close and no insurance company would consider it one. It does not even come close to the definition of a Sports Car. However only an insurance company can tell you what the insurance costs will be for this car.

What is a lambroghini?

A Lamborghini is a highly expensive exotic sports car.

Which company offers winter sports holiday insurance?

Many reputable companies offer winter sports insurance for one to purchase. A few companies that offer this are Dog Tag USA, Bar Clay and Adventure Travels.

Is the Hyundai tiburon a sports car?

I have a 2003 Tiburon GT (V6, 6-speed) and my auto insurance company definitely considers it a sports car. Personally I think it is a sporty car, but not a sports car.