What's the best way to catch a man in a lie?

You didn't go into specific facts as to what he is lying about so I'll do the best I can. Usually when a woman says this she suspects he may be cheating. If this is the case then get a friend and follow him one night. This is how I caught my first husband cheating and I found him in a bar with two women! If this man just continuously lies then you have a real problem. Men are less likely to own up to their downfalls and less likely to seek professional help for their problems. To many men seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist is a sign of weakness and everyone else is crazy but them. Going to a professional doesn't mean you are crazy. If this guy lies, keep walking and don't look back. If your guy is cheating, follow him and catch him in the act and then boot his butt out the door! Life is too precious to waste time with someone that cheats or is a compulsive liar. You are in control of your own destiny. Good luck Marcy