What's wrong if your 1-year-old dog constantly seems to be sick with diahrrea and yellow acidy throw up and the vet checked his blood work and it is perfect?

I agree with both posters. Try steaming boneless chicken breast and cutting it into little chunks and mix it in with steamed rice. If your dog eats and doesn't vomit after this, then it's the diet. Many of the dried foods are concentrated and I only give a little to my dogs (for their teeth) and use IAMS products. I deeply agree with Kachara that if the vomiting doesn't stop you need to find a good vet to find out what is wrong. If possible, clean out a pill bottle WELL and put a little of the vomit in it, and also, take a sample of the diarrhea the same way. This will help the vet quickly make a diagnosis. Our pets can dehydrate very quickly so please take your dog to the vets ASAP as the other poster said. Please post back and let us know how your little poochie is doing. Good luck Marcy Have you tried changing it's diet? Urine-like(yellow, acidy liquid) vomit is often brought on by eating grass, which many dogs do when they have an upset stomach. My dogs often get the same symptoms if I try saving a few bucks by buying cheap dog food. Didn't the vet suggest anything? If not, then the dog is suffering from visiting the wrong vet. Rough guess, could be a liver problem, but I'm not a vet. Or, he could just be eating roadkill when you're not looking. I think you should get a second opinion asap, especially if symptoms have been persistent and/or severe..... There are a number of aliments that can cause these symptoms to occur {that either don't show up in bloodwork at all or don't show up right away... Some of them can be fatal if they go untreated {ie: canine distemper and/or parvo virus.} Some other aliments/illness that can cause these symptoms are: Food allergies,upset stomach brought on by a change in diet, stress do to changes in their enviorment and or routine "especailly if your dog is the over active and/or nervous type", stomach viruses which are equivelent to the human flu, Stomach ulcers, kidney and liver problems, food poisoning, chemical poisoning and even certain types of parasitic infestations... These are just a few of the things that could cause this kind of problem in your dog and as you can see not all require medical treatment... However, you will never know whether your dog's aliment requires medical intervention unless you receive an accurate diagnosis from the vet....So I would still suggest getting your dog to a different vet for a second opinion or ask your current vet to recheck your dog immediately...... I have dealt with all of these illness and or aliments at one point and time or another.... believe me I know how fustrating it can be trying to figure out which one your dog suffers from... Hope I have been a help.... Kechara